"Has anyone seen Jennie Anderson?" It was Monday morning, and I always sat by Jennie on the bus, and she's never missed a day of school. Until now.

Everyone I ask shake their heads or shrug. What in the world happened to her?

I go to sit down in my desk in first hour and sigh. Today was going to be a long day without her.

"When the bell rings for everyone to get their butts outta school, I'm going to go look for Jennie," I whisper to myself as the teachers scrapes the piece of chalk against the board and talks about the skeletal structure.

Riiiing! Riiiing! Riiiing!

The bell rings and I bolt out of my seat and push my way out of the school doors. I didn't care about putting my stuff away. Maybe once I'd actually do my homework. I jogged on the sidewalk, dodging people casually walking by.

I turn back when I think I hear someone call my name, and smack! I run right into someone and tumble over.

Ending up on top of the person, and feeling embarrassed, I roll off. I notice it's a dark-haired boy, with big brown eyes.

"Oh, I'm so sorry! I just, I didn't... see you there! I was just looking for my friend, and I was just-"

"It's fine, calm down," he laughs and flashes a big, white smile at me. He was pretty cute in a weird way.

"Um, yeah... But, um, yeah, I'm still sorry, but I have to get going, maybe we'll meet up in the future or something sometime," I swallow hard and gaze at his eyes.

"Oh, um, well, maybe I can come with you," he gives me a small smile.

Why does the cuteness get to me!

The End

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