Seeing The World Through A New Pair Of Eyes

I stalked through the trees, snow crunching under my paws, and wind blasting against my face. My eyes locked on to a small fawn that had obviously lost its way. I licked my muzzle and crouched low on my belly behind a few bushes, waiting for the perfect time to pounce.

It was frozen, only it's ears moving around here and there. I stayed as silent as I could be, watching every twitch of its muscle.

I swallowed hard then pounced out of the bushes right atop of the fawn. I bit down hard on its neck, warm, crimson blood melting on my tongue. It kicked and squealed, but eventually it stopped moving, all of the life drained from its body.

While tearing away all of the fur from the fawn, ripping open its stomach and beginning to eat the soft muscles of the fawn, I heard a growl. A low, angry growl. It was another wolf.

A tall silvery-white she-wolf stepped out of the bushes and stared me down, her eyes only once glancing over at my meal.

I showed my teeth, ready to defend my prey. But she just growled louder, the fur on the back of her neck bristling.

She was alpha female, I was almost certain. I staggered back, flattening my ears, then laying on my back, white belly showing. It was a sign of forfeit, and I watched as the she-wolf walked past me, and grab my prey in her mouth. She dragged it away out of view.

I growled at the air where it stank of the she-wolf. I breathed slowly, then got up and walked back toward Luther's house. I could feel my skin shaking back into my human form, and I needed to get to somewhere warm.

The End

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