I thought about kissing Luther, but I wasn't sure. I just needed to find a way to stop crying, someway to express feelings to him. I just didn't know what to do. Then my body just jerked forward and kissed him. At first his lips moved gently with mine, but he pulled away after a few seconds.

Luther's face was as red as a cherry, "I think maybe you should go to bed now." He swallowed hard and unwrapped his arms from around me. I could feel my lips trembling and aching, while his were pressed together tightly.

"I'm sorry," I began, "I just... I'm sorry." I could feel tears stinging in my eyes again.

He sighed and pat my shoulder, "It's fine, just get some sleep, okay? Good night, Jennie." I watched as Luther turned and walked away until he disappeared down the stairs. Feeling a tear escape from my eyes, I wiped it with my sleeve and sniffled. I walked into my room and laid down in my bed.

I felt a twist of pain in my stomach, and a burning sensation rippling through my body, and the process of changing was happening again. I didn't know how much more of this I could take.

The End

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