Falling For Her

I was just fixing up some spaghetti and chicken parmesan when Jen sat down at the table. There were bags under her eyes and she definitely did not look very well. But it was just her body reacting to the wolf venom.

"I feel a little better... I think," Jen says in a raspy voice, the back of her hand pressed against her forehead. I smirked at her and let out a low chuckle. She glared at me, "What?"

"Oh, nothing. This is just the beginning of the wolf fever. Sorry to say, but it'll get worst," I replied, lips still pulled up in a smirk. She groaned and laid her head against the table. I felt pretty bad for the girl. A lot was going on in her life.

"Do you want something to eat?" I gestured to the pots and pans full of noodles and chicken with my head.

"Um... sure. But not a lot," she looked up and smiled very weakly, eyes dull. I smiled in return, then set a few noodles and a small chunk of chicken on her plate and set it in front of her with a fork.

She played with her food, moving it around the plate, and took small bites every thousand years. I shoved about ten pounds worth of noodles and chicken in my mouth with every bite. She lifted an eyebrow at me. I just smiled, food overflowing in my mouth. She giggled at me.

Her laugh was like a song to my ears. It was gorgeous.

Just like her.

I blinked then shook my head. Was I really falling for the new wolf?

The End

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