Jennie smelled of wet dog already. I was pretty surprised she hadn't been changing back and forth in the car, though. Somehow she was able to control her shifting abilities.

Jennie's dark green eyes stared into space, hands shaking uncontrollably. Her dark eyelashes made her eyes stand out brightly, and her lips were full and pink, but cracked from the cold.

I pulled into my driveway, my tall, grey house casting a shadow around the yard.

"Luther, where are we?" Jennie asked in a calm tone.

"My house. You'll be staying here for awhile while you change back and forth. If you get near a person, that might be very dangerous," I explain. She had a blank expression on her face.

I got out of the car, walked over to the other side and let Jennie out of the car. Jordyn climbed out of the other side. I gestured for Jennie to follow me into the house, and Jordyn trailed behind, picking at fleas that were attached to his arm.

I showed Jennie to the room she'd be staying in and I pointed out a few things that might be important to her. "And that's where the clothes are." I pointed to a large white drawer. She smiled politely at me and nodded. I turned to leave, and left her alone in the room.

Then I heard her screaming and howling. I was going to be hearing her changing a lot.

The End

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