I woke up suddenly, swallowing hard. I was in the backseat of a large car. Though, I didn't feel afraid, because I saw Luther driving in the front seat. I don't know why, but I fully trusted this boy, and depended on him to keep me from turning into a werewolf.

I heard an unfamiliar voice, "Well, seems sleeping beauty has awoken." I looked over and saw a bulky, dark-haired boy sitting next to me. I moved closer to the window and looked at him, fear overcoming my body.

"Hey, hey," he said in a calm tone, "now, don't be afraid of me. I'm not going to bite... hard." He smirked and laughed. He had a brilliantly white smile and large hazel eyes. Luther looked back at him and growled menacingly. "Alright! No need to be so snappy, I'll leave the girl alone. I'm just messin' with her." The man's eyes narrowed.

I wondered where they were taking me, and I honestly did not want to sit in the backseat with this guy. I'd rather be up front with Luther.

My life was about to turn into a giant mess.

The End

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