"She's a filthy beast. Who would want her?" A feminine voice said in a disgusted tone. I was curled up in an alley, large green eyes glowing, canine teeth and nails sharpening. They were right. Who would want me after I'd turned into a giant wolf? Definitely not my mom. Everyone would be afraid of me.

I growled at people passing by, the wolf within me lashing out. My bones were shaking and aching, moving to form a different body structure. The pain was unbearable. I laid down on my side, digging my nails into the ground. Why? Why me? Why did I have to be the one to get bitten?

Fur was growing out of my skin, and warmth rippled through my body. I had the instinct to stand, lift my head up, and sing. The beautiful song of the wolf.

I howled at the large, blue moon. 

The End

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