Her Wolf

My eyes widen. Was it truly him?

"Are you..." I lift my hand to run a finger along his cheekbone. I expected to feel fur, but I felt smooth, poreless skin instead. I was confused, my mind swirling. I couldn't believe this. It was really my wolf. But how? How is he human?

"Am I... What?" He asked, brow raised. "Oh, my name's, Luther, by the way." His eyes flicked from my lips to my eyes.

"Are you... Are you my wolf?" I said, tone even and eyes locked on his.

Luther looked away then. He swallowed hard and tapped his fingers on the large wood table I was lying on. Then he looked back up at me and parted his thin lips to speak, "Look, I know it may be hard to believe, but... yes, I am 'your wolf'. I'm a werewolf, actually. And you're slowly becoming one, too. When Eric, the black wolf, ripped into your skin, his saliva mixed with your blood. In werewolves saliva there is venom that could either kill you, or change you. And it seems you're strong enough to go through the pain of changing..."

I felt my lip trembling, and my eyes were stinging with tears, "How much pain am I going to be going through?"

"You'll be experiencing random shifts through human and wolf for about a week, then, it starts to hurt less, and you'll shift much quicker," he says in a soft tone, eyes large and blue.

"But... my mother! What will I do about her? And my friends, and school, and church! Everyone's going to notice I went missing! Then my mom might call the cops and they'll send out a search party! I'm going to get in so much trouble, Luther! I told my mom I'd only be gone for the weekend, and be back Monday! Now what do I do, huh?!" I didn't realize how loud I was. I was terrified as to what would happen. Luther sighed and lied me back down on the table.

"We'll figure it out, calm down. Now just... Rest for now." He walked away, his body enveloped in darkness.

I breathed softly and closed my eyes. Then, soon after, I fell asleep, dreams crowding my head.

The End

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