I woke up in a dark room. The only light was the moonlight beaming in from the window. I got up quickly, but then I suddenly regretted that decision. I felt very light-headed, and my stomach twisted and ached with pain. I moaned loudly and clenched my stomach as I threw up on the ground.

My muscles twitched and my bones were buckling, rubbing together and trying to form a new shape. I could feel my canine teeth sharpening and my nails sharpening into long claws. My heart was beating quickly, and sweat dripped down my face. What was happening to me?

I heard footsteps. I wasn't sure where they were coming from. My bones ached and creaked and were moving. I screamed in agony.

I saw a boy, maybe about sixteen years old with light brown hair and blue eyes, run up to me. Wait, his eyes... Why were they so familiar?

"Shhh. Calm down. It'll be okay," he said to me softly, laying me back down. My bones slowly started moving back into place, and my nails and canine teeth began to shorten. I didn't know how he was calming me down, but I was very grateful. I breathed heavily, sweat dripping off my chin and layering my face and neck.

My black, curly hair sticks to my face, and I look up at the boy, "Thank you."

He smiles at me with a warm smile. His blue eyes were staring into mine. So familiar... Where had I seen those eyes before?

Then it hit me. It was my wolf...

As a human?

The End

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