I kicked and thrashed, throwing my fists at the wolf's face. Spit dripped from it's muzzle, its eyes full of hunger as it snapped at my face. I pushed the large wolf off of me and ran as fast as I could.

I didn't know where I was running to, but I ran. Just ran. Just to get away from the wolf. Branches swooped at my face as I ran past tall, dead. snow-covered trees. I could feel my throat burning, and my legs were started to feel weak. Looking behind me, I could see the wolf trailing me, red eyes gleaming for the taste of my flesh.

Wait, wolves normally didn't act like this. They were afraid of humans. But, I mean, this wolf didn't seem normal whatsoever. He was about the size of a horse, and he definitely was not afraid of me.

I tripped over a tree root that stuck out of the ground, and scraped up my knees bad. The wolf was gaining speed, and I tried getting up as fast as I could. But it was too late. The wolf tackled me again, and this time he pinned my arms and legs to the ground so I couldn't fight. That was it. I gave up. I couldn't fight anymore. I just sat and waited for the wolf to start munching on me like a midnight snack.

He had sunk his teeth deep into my shoulder and tore off a hunk of my skin. I screamed in pain and thrashed around. Tears were streaming down my face, and blood was pouring from the giant wound in my shoulder like waterfalls.

I shut my eyes tight, waiting for the next bite. But then I heard an oomph and a loud whimper. I felt no weight on my arms or legs anymore.

I opened my eyes and looked over to see the black wolf fighting with a rusty-brown colored wolf.

Wait. The color of the other wolf's pelt. Was it the same I was longing to see?

Just let me see your eyes. Please. Please.

Then the rusty wolf looked up at me. It was my wolf.

His frost-blue eyes were full of sorrow. He stared at the bleeding wound in my shoulder. But his attention was turned back over to the black wolf when it pounced on top of him.

The wolves snapped and swatted at each other. I was completely oblivious to the wound in my shoulder as I watched them brawl.

Finally, the rusty-colored wolf won, pinning the black wolf and sinking his teeth deep into his throat. I could see the crimson color of the black wolf's blood leak out, and the color in his red eyes drained.

The rusty wolf pulled away and looked over at me. He had that same sad look in his eyes. I got up slowly, moving unsteadily, then tripped and fell over. I was losing too much blood.

My eyes were bleary with tears, and I began losing vision. I was about to pass out. The wolf rushed over to me and I thought I saw him change. Change into something else. Sort of...


I closed my eyes, and dozed off, knowing I wasn't going to make it. Then I blacked out.

The End

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