Lost: Part II

I set up my tent in the middle of the seemingly unending forest. Grabbing a few fallen branches and sticks, I throw them in a pile on the ground and pull out my matches, setting the sticks aflame.

I looked around the dark forest. No doubt was I afraid of being alone in the forest, surrounded by who knows what, but I wasn't leaving. Not until I found my wolf.

My breath warmed the palms of my hands and my teeth chattered. The temperature was dropping quicker than I could say "cold." I moved closer to the fire, the warmth of the flames caressing my face. I reached into my bag and pulled out a few blankets, wrapping them snuggly around my thin body.

Bushes rustled and I immediately swung my head around and looked to see what it was.

Just a bunny.

I sighed softly and laid my head against my knees. I needed to quit being so jumpy. I had a large hunting knife shoved in my boot, and a gun in my bag. Nothing would be able to hurt me. At least I didn't think so.

I got up and walked around. Nothing to do, and I was freezing to death. Moving around would probably help heat my body a little bit.

The soft snow had dampened the part of blanket that I sat on. I groaned, agitated. I took off the blanket and threw it at my bag. I still had two other blankets.

I was walking back near the fire, but stopped in my tracks. I could feel something watching me.

I could hear its low growl, its feet slowly prodding through the snow. It definitely wasn't a bear. I'm pretty sure bears don't growl like dogs.

I looked over my shoulder and saw a large black wolf charging at me. It snapped at my face and knocked me over.

The End

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