At the age of seven, Jennie Anderson saw her first werewolf. His icy blue eyes bored into hers, making something in her heart ache. But when her wolf goes missing, she goes out in search for him, and her world ends up being turned upside down.

She was seven years old when she was running through the forest and saw him. A large, rusty-brown colored wolf. He was tearing away at the remains of a moose, his muzzle drenched in blood. She breathed in sharply, and he lifted his head quickly to turn his focus towards her. His icy blue eyes bored into hers, and she wasn't willing to look away from his gaze. She breathed heavily, her heart beating as fast as the fluttering of a hummingbird's wings. He wouldn't look away, and they stayed like that for awhile, until a beautiful silvery-grey wolf nipped at his flank, gesturing him to move away from the moose. He snarled at her, but slowly began to walk away. The she-wolf growled at me before trailing after the rusty wolf.

The way that wolf's eyes looked, they didn't seem wolf-like, they seemed... Human.

The End

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