This is a Dungeons and dragons, forgotten realms story about a chromatic, White half dragon named Iciclousastimizilian, or Hacheam, which is the name he uses without revealing his dragon name. I will only be adding parts every now and then because my laptop does not have internet and i have to take it to my aunt's house. Prologue
Piquaousastimizilian, or more commonly known as the acidic terror, Sat on his high stack of coins and treasures. He was a large black dragon with two long curved ivor


            Piquaousastimizilian, or more commonly known as the acidic terror, Sat on his high stack of coins and treasures. He was a large black dragon with two long curved ivory horns coming out of the sides of his head. His breath weapon was acid. He had two amethyst glowing orbs for his eyes.  He was bored, too bored. He wanted power.  He was not strong enough to do it alone, but being a black dragon he could control reptiles. He was analyzing ideas. There was only four other dragons that were really a threat; Scintousastimizilian or blazing killer, Fultiousastimizilian or the shock king, Toxicousastimilzilian or poisonous murderer, and last of all Iciclousastimizilian, who wasn’t famous enough to have a nick-name.

 Although he was only a white dragon, which supposed to be the weakest of all, Iciclousastimizilian was an exception. He was the second strongest out of all the dragons in the whole world. He was pretty much the same as any other dragon but one thing; he worked for his power, most dragons cared about power but did hardly anything about it. He worked hard for his power and decided to keep his spot high on his pedestal.

 He was even more powerful than Icing Death, one of the world’s greatest white dragons. He knew he would do something with lizardmen, troglodytes, and all other reptilian goblinoids he could find. He had to over through the other dragons, but how? It suddenly occurred to him, magic! He could find some dragonborns to cast some kind of spell…

Chapter 1


Iciclousastimizilian, much like any other dragon, counted his treasure. He had been counting his coins. He yawned as he sprawled out his gigantic white arms. He just finished eating some unfortunate deer who stumbled upon him. He was a white dragon and unlike most he was stronger than other dragons of different colors. He had a large white head with a fin on the top, and two very large, muscular arms, and even bigger and stronger legs. He didn't have ears, with the exception of two holes on the side of his head, with scales as white as snow. He had claws as long and sharp as sword, his teeth being likewise.

 He heard a noise around the corner but, like any dragon would, he didn’t worry. But after he heard the voice and tongue, he decided differently. The voice he heard was dragon. He was confused because the steps weren’t heavy and booming like a dragon’s, but light. He held his breath waiting for his foes. Four red humanoids came into Iciclousastimizilian’s lair. He noticed them as dragonborns. “What business do you have here?” asked Iciclousastimizilian without the slightest bit of fear in his voice. “We have come on behalf of our master to over through you prepare yourself!” said the one closest to him; he assumed it was their leader. “No!” said Iciclousastimizilian “it is you that need to prepare yourself!” he said after he blasted a large blanket of ice their way. It was too much for one of them, which froze instantly to the icy lair. The other three were expecting it and ran for cover. He heard the faintest words of a spell and heard a blast. As fast as he could he muttered a deflection spell but it only halfway took affect when the other blast hit him.

 He felt himself being shrunk he felt the fin on his head vanish, the holes in his ears grow into pointed digits and for the first time in his life he felt a little bit cold. The spell had only half way worked. It was a transformation spell to turn him into a moon elf but, because of his half-deflection spell, he had become a half-dragon. It felt weird to be so small but he didn’t have time to worry about his new form, while he was still a distance away from the three dragonborns, he quickly muttered an illusion spell to make him look like a full- moon elf. He now looked like close to a human but more agile with pointy ear, he had a thick black mane of hair, that streched to the middle of his back, he stood about six feet three inches. He then closed his eyes and made it look like he was unconscious.

“Well, looks like that worked.” He heard a voice say. “Let’s take him to the boss.” He heard another “yeah, but we gotta hurry it up!” Whistle, stomp, stomp, stomp, it sounded like a wyvern’s steps. He felt himself being thrown on to a wagon, a few hours later they were hauled off. After what felt like three hours to him he felt he had to make a stand. He rose and unveiled himself of his illusion. He saw the three dragonborns that confronted him earlier, with looks of shock on their face. The leader was the first to recover; “what are you waiting for, get him!” The three charged at him, just what he was hoping. He dodged all three of them, and in the same motion kicked the nearest one in the chest. It yelled in agony and fell to the ground dead. Iciclousastimizilian seemed to be getting the hang of his new body after the long hours in the caravan. The other two; a mage looking dragonborn (the one he assumed cast the transformation spell on him) and the leader still confronted him the mage cast a spell,  Iciclousastimizilian dodged it with a quick sideways dodge.  He shot his own spell that knocked the mage out. The leader took advantage of the distraction and charged at him. Iciclousastimizilian, however, was quicker than his opponent. He did a quick uppercut right under the chin, while in the same motion grabbing the top of his head. He felt his arm slowly go through his hard skull and hit the soft mushy brain. He went over to the stunned mage. He cast a spell onto its mind and told it to go tell its master, whoever they might be, that he had succeeded. The dragonborn gladly sped off happily.

Iciclousastimizilian was busy tieing his long hair into a rather large pony tail. The peice of cloth he used to tie it was about half way through his hair, the only reason he did this was so the large mane wouldn't get in his way, when fighting. It then occurred to him, “how am I going to get back?” he asked himself, wherever back was. He didn’t know where he was, or where he needed to go. He looked around, he was in the mountains, he knew that much. He observed a little more, he was in the mountains but he was also standing on a bluff. He observed yet even closer and in the distance as far as the eye could see, he saw a city. “That will be my destination” he told himself. He turned back into an elf. He started to climb and made it about half-way, he heard voices in a somewhat goblin, somewhat common tongue. He recognized them as gnoll voices. Gnolls were an odd race they were a somewhat man but mostly wolf, humanoids. Iciclousastimizilian sped toward the voices, and found that there were six of them. He turned the corner that they were around and said in their language: “greetings great gnolls” the six just stared at him. “I said greetings!” The gnolls somewhat insulted by his demanding tone, growled. "I am sorry for insulting you" said Iciclousastimizilian. He tried to pass but the nearest gnolls stopped him and grabbed him by the arms "we don't like the way you talk to us elf" replied the smaller of the two with obvious emphasis on the word elf. They threw him up in the air, and howled with laughter. What came next however they didn't expect. While in the air Iciclousastimizilian did a backflip and landed perfectly on his toes. The gnolls stood with their mouths wide open. Iciclousastimizilian grabbed the nearest gnoll by the legs and started to spin him with great force. The gnoll yelped like a dog. His company could only watch. When Iciclousastimizilian was done spinning him, he bashed him hard on the ground head-first, after which a loud ominous crack could be heard. He requested passage one more time. This time the gnolls didn't object. When finally at the bottom of the moutain, Iciclousastimizilian, tired, hungy and very weary, came to the gates of the largest city of the north; Waterdeep.

Chapter 2


Iciclousastimizilian looked at the city in awe. He had never seen anything like it. "C'mon we don't have all day to watch you standing around, what buissnes do you have in Waterdeep?" the bigger of the two gaurds asked him. "I am but a weary traveler seeking a place for directions and a place to stay for a short time" Iciclousastimizilian replied. "Very well, your name please" Iciclousastimizilian never though of that he couldn't just give the man his dragon name. "Hacheam" replied Iciclousastimilian (or now rather easier to type and remeber, Hacheam)said. "Your weapons?" the gaurd held out a hand "I have none sir" replied Hacheam "No weapons? are ye mad boy?" the other gaurd said "Do I look mad? I use magic"  Hacheam stated not wanting to reveal the real mode of defence he had been useing on the road. "Alright, but we still need to cast a tracking spell on you so you don't cause any mischief" The bigger guard said. "Do what you must " Hacheam replied. One of the guards beckoned for someone to come, answering his call came a young mage female, she was wearing robes with a large red "R" on it. She streatched her arm over this head and chanted a few words, and bid him passage.

Hacheam had never seen any type of humanoid civilization. He looked at the city in awe. He gathered enough about the city by asking random people on the road, some gladly told him what he needed to know, others either turned him away or insulted him. Niether of which he paid any mind. He finally gathered enough information to know that the city was actually split into four sections. One section was were all the people lived, another, was where all the stores and street vendors were, the third was for the city guard, and the last was for an organization called the "Red Wizards,'' which the young mage that put the tracking spell on him was from, he knew, because the emblem was a large red "R." He stopped yet another man on the road "excuse me sir, where is the best place one could get directions and weapons?" he asked, the chubby man replied "over there at the Red Wizards" He said "Thank you"

*          *          *

Let us keep in mind that Hacheam is not exactly, shall we say a "good guy," niether is he a "bad guy." He is a guy that only wishes to please himself. So there he was in the middle of the night, he was also in the middle of something else; a dark alley, waiting for an unfortunate idiot to walk into his grasp. He held completely still, sitting on the ground looking(even though he is) like a poor homeless elf. He heard slow ligh footsteps behind him. He knew at once that he was about to get jumped, but right as the being was about to grasp his neck, Hacheam caught the persons arm, and threw them across the alley. They soon rose to their feet and came at Hacheam. Hacheam found that this person was a human male, an assassin. He had no idea, except that he wanted money, why he would be attacking him, but he considered it a blessing. The assassin charged at him from all angles, holding two daggers in his hands. Perfect thought Hacheam weapons. He grabbed the assassin's arms and, using his wrists, twisted the man's arm up, breaking them with a loud snap. The assasin, more amazed than in pain, gapped. Hacheam then revealed something to the man that he wouldn't reveal to anyone, unless they were about to die. He undid the illusion spell on just his two index and middle fingers. He unsheathed his claws and jabbed them deep into the man's head. Without another though he put the illusion spell back on, gabbed the daggers, the man's money pouch, and ran.

The next day, now tha Hacheam had money, Hacheam looked around for items that could aid him. He didn't really know what to do but he thought as long as he was in his elvish state, he might as well take advantage of it. He looked and saw a street vendor selling enchanted jewelry. He walked up to the vendor, who happend to be a elf female, and asked what she had. She showed him various things, but he had no use or intrest in. He couldn't help but notice a beutifully crafted sapphire necklace. "Whats that?" Hacheam asked "A necklace" she replied "No, I thought it was a bracelet, I knew it was a necklace fool, What I meant was what does it do?" the vendor looked as though she wasn't insulted and said "forgive me, it is necklace that can protect you from hellfire and magic fire, although I will say the price is pretty hefty if your looking into buying it" she said. "How much?" Hacheam asked "5,000 gold peices" she replied. "Can you hold on to it for me?" asked Hacheam "Yes but for three days maximum" she said, but not unpleasantly "I have 3,000" Hachaem said I'll get 2,000 more by then." He said and left. Being a white dragon Hacheam feared almost nothing, but one of his biggest fears was fire, particularly magic fire and hellfire. He didn't want to steal more money, one, because he wasn't an instrument in death, and two, he didn't want to raise suspicion. So he set out to the Red Wizard's headquarters in search of a quest, which he heard they paid well. When there, he asked a receptionist about it, and she transfered him to a room with various other receptionists, she told him that it was the "bounty office." He thanked the receptionist and asked a cocky looking man behind a desk for a list of quests. "Well what are you looking for?" he asked "I got one for goblin management, uh hydra, orge, and troll. But I'll let you in on a secret, the Red Wizards are desprate about these trolls, if you can finish them off, without my help, you will get a higher wage" he finished. "Give me the troll then" Hacheam said. "Just let me give you some advice, sir" the fat man said "Trolls can only be hurt by fire or acid, being an elf I would guess you can conjure those kind of spells," he finished "thank you, I will set off tomorrow." Hacheam had never thought of that, an ice dragon using fire! He was going to learn to concure his greatest weakness.

Hacheam finished and went to the library. He looked up evry spell on fire and acid he could. He learned a fire arrow spell, that was easy enough, Melf's acid arrow which was a little harder. Being a half-dragon Hacheam had many years of expirence of magic and could learn very quickly. He then found a book, an ancient book, with very advanced spells in it. one spell called lubthachta na tine  allowed the user to manipulate the fire at will, however you can only use it on free fire or magical fire that you made yourself, if it is someone elses fire it is very hard to manipulate. Once the words were spoken he could manipulate fire whenever he wanted, but, like every spell it used up energy and when manipulating fire it was exceedingly great if done wrong. So he chanted the words, he didn't feel any different. He looked at the candel he was using for reading light, and twirled his arms in a pattern, the flame danced with the movement of his arms. Finally he thought those trolls are dead.

*          *          *

Hacheam was out looking for trolls, it was night time now and he had just set camp. He knew trolls usually attack at night so he had a plan. He had stuffed his sleeping bag full of dirt and rocks he left a fire going so he could manipulate it. He was hiding in a nearby tree so he could shoot a powerful flame arrow at the trolls, then when they were on fire he would finish them off with manipulating the fire. He heard rustling and then he saw the trolls. He used his flame arrow and they all caught fire. He used his fire manipulation to finish them off. He grabbed the fire and shot it at the trolls. When he was done there weren't any trolls still standing. Hacheam expected the spell to be strong, but he didn't expect it to vaporize his opponents. He then packed up and set back to Waterdeep.

When at the bounty office desk and got paid with 1,000 platinum peices, which was equal to 10,000 gold peices. He thanked the Red Wizards. He scurried off to the vendor. When there he put up 500 platinum peices. "No, the price has doubled ecause of the wait" replied the vendor. "No! it will be what it was before" "double" the vendor was adamant. "Fine be that way" said Hacheam and when it looked as though he was about to walk away, he shot a fire arrow at her. She grabbed the necklace, and it worked the fire hit her and had no effect. The Red wizards, using their tracking spell, where on Hacheam in seconds. "Stop!" one shouted "she is a con artist" Hacheam tried to reason "that is just the way she deals I guess, give him back his money" he said addressing the vendor, she got up and handed the platinum peices back. Hacheam shot a spell at her that knocked her to the ground, a tracking spell. He made it look like a normal spell though so the wizards wouldn't arrest him. "One more rash action and its to the dungeons for you, you hear!" one of the wizards shouted. They let both of them off. The street vendor took her merchandise and ran.

Chapter 3

Dirty Deeds

Hacheam walked into a magic store. There was many interesting things there but not what he was looking for. "excuse me" he asked the owner "Do you have any thing fast?" The man laughed "you need to go to the stables not here"the fat man replied, "I was thinking more along the lines of a statuette." Hacheam said The store keeper's expression changed "oh, I see, I think I have one you might like, follow me." The man led him into a room with all kinds of things on the shelves. The tall shelves seemed almost endless. He led Hacheam to a room full of satutettes. He had the typical obsidian fly, marble elephant, silver raven, gold lions, copper gryphon. He led Hacheam over to one he had never heard of before. Being a dragon he couldn't see much of any of these but he had heard a lot from traveler's scroles that had paid him a "visit." He had seen, however, the lions,gryphon, raven and elephant. The satutette that Hacheam saw now was a horse, a horse made of jacinth. It craftmenship was remarkable, but hacheam had no use for a simple horse. "It is wonderful, but I have no need for a horse." He replied, the man laughed " 'tis not a horse 'tis a nightmare" Hacheam was curious he had never heard of such a creature "A nightmare?" He asked "aye, a nightmare, a horse but not just your common stable horse, 'tis a horse aflame, a magical creature. The price is high, however unless you have a magic item to protect you, you can't ride her" he finished "I said something fast not a steed" Hacheam said "I need it to track a con-artist that ripped me off to get a magic item actually." He said "well, since Esorah is a one-of-a-kind she is expensive" he scratched his chin "9,000 gold" Hacheam thought different "I can't go lower than 7,500" Hacheam said with a deadly glint in his eye. "Fine, 7,500." Hacheam tossed him a sack with 750 platinum peices. The man counted them and nodded "that will do, Esorah can be used 10 hours a day"he said, Hacheam bowed. "Thank you very much"

Hacheam walked into an empty alley. "Esorah, my steed, come to me." The jancith statuette emitted a swirling mist, then a slender horse came out, and as the store keeper said it was on fire, its muscles were very strong, stacked muscles, It was black. "So your name is Esorah, I am Hacheam or Iciclousastimizilian, a half dragon, I am your new master. I need your help a street vendor ripped me off, I need to retrieve and item, a necklace with sapphire in it, here she is," he said showing the horse a scry of the elf, from the tracking spell. "Re-tract your flame and find her for me, get the necklace, but don't kill the elf." Esorah was off at once, flame retracted.

*          *          *

Seetra, the street vendor, sat at her campfire, she had a long day, but she knew that the elf she had upset was not a normal elf. He had shown very advanced magic that she couldn't match. She was really a ranger, a ranger in disguise her horse had hidden out of Waterdeep the whole time she had sold things. She was spying on an assassin organization. She could not sleep. She was afraid and she had to be alert. She kept the necklace with her since the elf had jumped her. She was afraid he had followed her, despite her great pace. She suddenly heard a gallop and felt herself being toppled over. She had been hit by a black horse. The horse saw the necklace she wore and grabbed it between its teeth, it pulled but caught on Seetra's neck. It snorted, fire coming out of its nostrils, she knew at once that this horse belonged to the elf. Seetra undid her necklace and gave it to the horse it was off at incredible speed. Seetra wondered what she had gotten herself into.

*          *          *     

Hacheam was waiting in the alley, it only took Esorah an hour or so before he heard her galloping back, followed by some yelling. Esorah came right to Hacheam. Two angry guards came huffing behind. "keep your horse in the stable" one of them said, "I'm sorry Esorah meant no harm, she was only running an errand for me." Hacheam said "Well you need to follow the city rules, didn't the guards that let you in tell you?" he said "I've just barely bought her a little while ago." Hacheam said "well either keep her with you or in the stables, how did you get her to come back to you anyway, if you just barely bought her she wouldn't be used to you yet" he said like he was testing him. "I use this whistle" Hacheam lied holding up the satuette. "Only she can hear it." The guard, knowing that he couldn't question him any further without a come back said: Well-" Hacheam cut him short "She will stay by my side I assure you." The gaurds stalked off angrily. "Now" he told Esorah after the gaurds had left "lets go catch that elf."

*          *          *

Seetra rode as fast as she could. She needed to make it to the other rangers that where helping her. Then she heard a familiar gallop. "Faster Dutsa" she yelled to her horse although, she knew she was going to be caught. She pulled out a horn and blew. She then heard more galloping from an opposite angle. But it was too late her horse got kicked and she went down to the ground. She recognized the elf at once. The other rangers were a short distance behind him. "You didn't think you could get away from me did you?" The other two rangers came up behind him their horses weezing. They both drew their weapons, one had a sword the other was holding a bow, it was pointed straight at Hacheam. "step away from her feind!" one of them demanded, this only made Hacheam advance toward her and pick her up, and put a dagger against her neck. "Drop the weapons so we can talk like civilized people" Hacheam said, Esorah snorted. They slowly put thier weapons down. "All of them" Hacheam said, pressing the dagger tighter. "Its not worth it" one said. They both emptied out their boots and other places where weapons where hidden. "What do you want sir, money?" Hacheam laughed "no, I want to know what this brat is doing with rangers." Hacheam stated cooly. "Seetra is one of us" The other said "Okay then, why has she been ripping people off on the streets of Waterdeep?" They both of them glared at her. "I thought if I am going to sell stuff might as well make the most out of it." She said with a nervous chuckle "that is why I am here, to talk some sense into her." Hacheam said throwing Seetra to the ground. The rangers sighed "well we're glad you mean no harm, and we are also glad you took it upon yourself to talk some sense into her when none of us could, farewell" they started to leave. "Wait, er, do you think I could join up with you?" one started to protest but Seetra caught his arm "what for?" she asked "I looking for something, a lair, that belongs to a dragon iciclousastimizilain" Hacheam said, Seetra scrathed her chin "I have never heard of the wyrm, but one of the scholars at our headquarters might. Where did you find out about this wyrm?" she asked Hacheam "Library" he obviously lied "well we can help you, if you help us." "How?" Hacheam asked before you two get too in to this" one of the other rangers interupted "Seetra will have to go to the lair with you alone. We wont go." "Very well" Hacheam said Seetra nodded if you split the treasure I will gladly help you slay the wyrm. Judging on the name I suppose it is white, correct?" "Yes, he is a mighty wyrm, mightiest of the mighty, with the exception of one other dragon, which I-" Hacheam realized his mistake and passed it off as a cough "he plans to someday overcome." "What book did you read?"she asked "lots" Hacheam said. "oh, well let us be on our way, my name is Rangkhst" The one with the sword said "and this is Wanihk" Hacheam bowed "forgive my rash behavior it was only to protect myself, I am Hacheam"all three bowed. "I am sure you know but I am Seetra." "Well met, just to let you all know my horse is only capable of going ten hours a day." Hacheam told them all. "She is fast but grows weary after a while." "That should not be a problem we don't travel harder than we need to we will take you to our head quarters." Rangkhst said. "Now let us be off" said Wanihk.

Chapter 4


   "Well we're here." Wanihk annonced, approaching a very large pile of rocks. It took them less than Esorah needed so Hacheam didn't have to worry about putting her back into the astral plane for rest.  "We are where?" Asked Hacheam. Seetra laughed "headquaters" "You guys live in a pile of rocks?" "Just wait and see" said Rankhst. They walked in a large entrance, Rankhst picked up a nearby rock, knocked on a stone wall and said the code to enter. "How many?" asked a hidden scrying device. "Four, Rankst, Wanihk, Seetra, and a vistor named Hacheam." The wall then opend up magically and came to a stable. "You can put Esorah in here" Wanihk said "oh its ok" Hacheam said. "Come back Esorah."Mist swirled and Esorah went back into the statuette. All three rangers stood gapping at the sight. "Esorah is a magic horse." Hacheam explained. They all nodded. At the end of the stable there was a trap door. They opend the door. They all climb through and signalled for Hacheam to do the same he went trough and saw the grandest buliding he had ever laid eyes on.

It had marble walls, with several desk. It had animals all over place, birds flying around sending letters, wolves by thier masters, and much more. "This way," Seetra said, she led him down a corridor. It led into a corridor with a bunch of men and women. She took him over to an elderly man. "Hello Lockdif" Seetra said "Have you heard anything about a dragon named- what was it Hacheam?" "Iciclousastimizilian" Hacheam said. "ahh yes" said the old man "I studied on him a few years ago, a magnificent beast, he is the second greatest dragon in the world. If my sources are correct his lair is located in the moutains between Baldur's Gate and Waterdeep." "Thanks, Lockdif."

*          *          *

         A few minutes later, Hacheam was sitting around waiting for Seetra. He figured out the ranger's underground headquarters was only a part of the magnifiecence of the rangers. He found that the head quarters was built around a lake, on top of the underground lair was a forest that they used for training and practicing. He was waitng, watching, the rangers train thier apperntices. But he grew bored and explored. He looked in the middle of  the forest and saw the most beautiful lake with trees as green as watermelon. Hacheam looked in awe at the sight. "I see you like the lake of the rangers" came a voice from behind him. He turned around to see an aged man, white hair, short, and blue eyes, and slightly hunched over. "Yes a very admirable sight." said Hacheam. "The Headquarters is built around the lake, the lake is held togther by magic. Us rangers love nature, and would do almost anything to protect it. We wanted to keep the beauty of the lake and forest." Hacheam was too deep in thought about the lake to reply, for once he cared about something else otherthan him and his treasure, he cared about the rangers and their lake, he also cared about the beauty of nature as well. "see the island in the middle?" he asked Hacheam "yes" "That holds our sacred orb,come" he led hacham across an invisible bridge and onto the small island. On the island there was a pedestal, and on the pedestal was a glowing orb. "Look inside the orb" the man told Hacheam. Hacheam did as instructed and saw Piqulousastimizilian and an angry troglodyte with yellow eyes. Piqulousastimizilian, was laughing. The scene changed to a burning forest, then to burning cities. He then saw Piqulousastimizlian standing on a high tower with reptilian humanoids and goblinoids bowing down to them including the troglodyte he saw earlier, a lizardman with organge eyes, and a yuan-ti with gray lifless eyes. When Hacheam saw the yuan-ti he felt his bones go cold. Then the images stopped. "What you saw in there Hacheam, was what the world would be with out you." Hacheam didn't know how the man knew his name but he accepted that, what thhrew him off guard was the "what life would be without you" part. "What?" "Yes Iciclousastimzilian you are a mighty and very important wyrm, you will change the world." Hacheam took a step back, how did the ranger know his name? "Who are you?" asked Hacheam almost scared. "It is alright, Iciclousastimizilian, I am Glizaousastmizilian, a gold dragon, I, like you, are in half-form but unlike you I am here by my choice. I have lived with the rangers for years. I would try to stop Piqulousastimizilian but, even I am not a match for him, you are the world's only chance." he said. "What is Piqulousastimizilan trying to do?" "You will soon find out, it is your destiny." He concluded, he chanted some words and disapeared. "Why do mystrious people always have to do that, they tell you what your destiny is blah, blah, blah, but they can't answer a simple question like 'what is Piqulousastimizilian trying to do?' If that is a simple question."

*          *          *       

About an hour or so later Seetra was ready to go and called to Hacheam. They went outside to the stables, Seetra mounted her horse Dutsa. Hacheam called on Esorah and mouted her. They then went through the pile of rocks they had earlier went through, they were then off at a speedy pace. Hacheam since his encounter with Glizaousastimizilian, he was much nicer to Seetra. Seetra noticed his change in attitute, even on the way to the ranger's headquaters, he was a little grumpy. It's probably because he is going to get a treasure she thought or so he thinks she thought putting a hand on her rapier. Hacheam was too excited to notice. They had traveled a good 20 miles. They had finally set camp, and were eating a good meal of berries and venison, that roasted over a fire started by Hacheam. "We made a good distance" Seetra said "yes" said Hacheam. "At this rate we should reach the moutains in three days but the horsses will need plenty of rest and feed." "The horse" said Hacheam pointing to Dutsa "well, yes" said Seetra "Esorah can be used only ten hours, twelve if we are lucky, a day no matter how much rest she get in the astral plane, although she only needs what would be to us a night's sleep." said Hacheam "Sorry for the inconvince." Hacheam added "Its okay" Seetra replied "We could all use the rest." she said patting Dusta. "We will find the dragons lair in about a tenday at this rate, it will take a little bit longer but as my mentor always told me patience is a warrior's greatest weapon."

       They traveled as fast as they could, Esorah could have made it in eight or so hours, but Dusta couldn't. Dusta could travel for quite a bit longer than Esorah, but Esorah couldn't, so they worked something out, Dusta would go as fast as he could for 10 to 12 hours. That way they would get there as fast as they could. While they stopped to give Dusta and Esorah rest Seetra and Hacheam exchanged stories about thier traveles. Seetra took up the majority of the time however, seeing that Hacheam only traveled a short time. He found that he began to care about Seetra, more than a little. He liked her as more of a friend than anything but he did like her somewhat. Seetra felt almost the total opposite about Hacheam she didn't hate him but she didn't trust him. After the way she had been treated by him in the past it was almost impossible to like him, but she did notice some changes in his attitude. He was beginning to act like the cared about something besides himself. That was the only thing that stopped her plan from being put off until they reach the dragon's lair.

When they finally found the dragon's lair near the moutain's top, they layed thier eyes on the one of the finest treasures in the world. Seetra had never seen anything like it, Hacheam just thought to himself, its good to be home. They scouted the area and of course they found no dragon. When they met up later Seetra said "he's probably out hunting" "yeah" Hacheam agreed trying not to laugh from the irony, he was about to go get some treasure when a saber crossed his throat. He looked up and saw Seetra holding the saber in her right hand and a rapier in her left. "Did you think after the way you treated me I would simply set out on a quest with you? You are wrong, very wrong" "Seetra  no, I dont want to fight you" but before he could say anything else a rapier was coming at him. He whipped out his daggers in self defense and barely blocked the rapier. She trying to kill me Hacheam thought. he parried with her, but he didn't want to hurt her, his only friend. Seetra on the other hand delivered many many killing blows. This had gone on for a while. Hacheam then decided to stop it. He kicked Seetra in chest, not hard, for a half-dragon, that is. the blow sent Seetra across the lair and into a thick icy wall, almost taking the breath from her. Seetra groaned and got up, she look up with her weapons drawn but quickly put them back down at the sight of Hacheam, with tears in his eyes. This sight puzzled her, she had never seen him cry when he attempted to hurt her or when he sent Esorah to come get the necklace. He had never shown any signs of being sorry, and now he had tears in his eyes. "What?" Seetra asked him "What has happend, that put you on they verge of crying?" she asked "I'm sorry" he said "for all the pain I have caused you, you didn't deserve any of it." "Why are you so sorry now?" she asked "you didn't seem sorry at all in the past. " Seetra, you are my only friend, you are the only person I can trust, and I almost killed you." This puzzled Seetra even more "surely you have other friends." she said "no" said Hacheam wiped the tears off of his face. He was about to tell her the truth about what he really was, when about seventeen lizardmen came in. "we is here" one of them said "to take this treasure for master" he said "leave or be punished" "Hacheam only smiled "I will gladley take the punishment, or rather you take it." With that being said he rused over and slit the throughs of two of them in a single swipe, he threw one of his knives out of blind rage and found that his daggers were not only melee weapons. It hit the liardman right in the neck and then came right back to his grasp. This astounded Hacheam but he had no time to marvel at these weapons. He picked one up by its legs and neck, and slammed it down on his knee. A long satisfying crack echoed through out the cave. He then used his daggers to take out another five with five quick thrusts. He was about to finish the rest off with his breath weapon when he saw that one of them was holding Seetra, another behind her holdinga spear, ready to thrust it into Seetra's head. "We wont except no for an answers" thier leader said "leave or have you little girlfriend put on her death!" he shouted "Hacheam said "fine give her to me and we will leave" the lizardmen shoved Seetra over, Hacheam caught her, shoved her behind him, and let out a blast of howling ice. The remaining ten lizardmen were froze to the ground in a single icy case. Hacheam walked over and gave the icy case a quick thrust with his fist, the lizardmen shattered into bits. This frightend Seetra. "What are you!" she asked her voice was shaking like cat infront of a pack of wolves. "Now you see why I don't have any friends" he explained "I am not Hacheam I am, Iciclousastimizilian, this treasure is mine, and that is why I dont have anything to live for except a pile of gold."

Chapter 5

Something else to live for              

"You can leave when you see fit." Hacheam said "you dont have to stay, this is my home not yours, I did say you could take all the treasure you wanted, but you dont have to stay here." Hacheam was explaining to Seetra "well if you never leave I will never leave" she stated flatly, she was adamant about staying with him. "either you leave and I come with you or we can stay here forever." Hacheam sighed "well I wouldn't want you to have to stay here, but why this is my lair, this is where im supposed to be, and let me add you're lucky your my friend, I wouldn't allow anyone else to take my treasure." "that is why I am not leaving, a true friend would stay with you." "Well we best be on the road."

 The two warriors mounted thier steeds. Hacheam was about to head in the direction back to the headquarters but Seetra stopped him. "Let's go this way instead." "What is that way?" asked Hacheam "the elves, you should come met my people." "Whatever." "It should take us about a tenday." "wait a second Seetra" Hacheam said "we should take some of the treasure, that way we can have money and new weapons" "good idea." They looked through the enormous treasure and found quite a bit. Hacheam found a set of seven trowing knives, he put the two he had before on his hips, two behind his shoulders, two in the ankles of his legs, and the last one in the tie that held his ponytail in place. He also found that these knives had magic in them, when he tested them out the had also magically returned to his grasp. He had also found a long sword for his main hand and a short sword for his off hand, they seemed perfectly balanced in a set, they held a strong glow when he held them it seemed that they were supposed to be together a perfect set, however Hacheam did not wish to test their power yet. The only other thing he took was some gold that equlled up to about 50,000 gold. Seetra took a beutifully crafted bow with a quiver that held 40 arrows she took one of these arrows and shot one at an icy wall it went in to the wall she reached for another one, and shot it, and split the first. She counted the arrows again, there was undoubtedly 40. Seetra also took some gold with her, not quite as much as Hacheam, but enough. She didn't need new weapons, besides the bow, she figured, hers served her better than any here.  

They set out to go met the elves right after that. They marked the spot of Hacheam's lair. They planned to come back later to get more money incase they needed it. They traveled peacfully for the first three day, talking about mostly Seetra's adventures. She asked Hacheam a lot about dragons he answer a lot of questions on the road the past few days. They were having a conversation about dragons, in a rocky canyon, when Hacheam stopped Seetra. "Shh" he whispered he dismounted Esorah and listened. He heard a low dull rumbling. He put his ear to the wall of the canyon. He heard the rumbling and something else, a scittering. Hacheam drew his swords and beckond for Seetra to do the same. A few moments later a large scorpian, the size of a wolf, lunged itself at Hacheam he side swiped with his long sword at it, it barely hit the beast's head, but it when very deep, and sliced right through, dropping it to the ground. This was not the only one, half a dozen circle Seetra Dusta and her fought them off but they needed help. Hacheam told Esorah to help Seetra. Seetra drew her bow and hit most of them. But one of them got lucky, one of their stingers nicked Seetra's arm. Her arm stung exceedingly from the dealy poison. the one that got Seetra was quickly killed by a heavy stomp from Dusta. Hacheam was handling his own problems there was more than two dozen around him. He found that his blades did the same thing every time, they would easily cut through the creatures hard exoskeleton, the two were finishing the final ones off when they heard another rumble, this one was not very quite. Half of the canyon's wall was taken down when they saw a scorpian this one the size of an elder dragon, came out of the canyon wall this one didn't look happy, it looked like a mother whose children have just been killed. Hacheam used his throwing knives and hit it sqaure in the eye. Seetra used her bow and sank arrows deep into the beasts head. The scorpian saw that Hacheam had killed more and saw him as a bigger threat, it trust its huge stinger Hacheams way. The stinger hit Hacheam in the shoulder, and went through out to the other side. Hacheam was alright as soon as he saw gallons of poison spew out of the pincer, behind him. He trust his short sword, seeing that his main hand had a pincer in it, and cut off the tail of the scopian. The whole time Seetra had been shoot arrows at the beast, it groaned like it was about to give up. Hacheam ran over and stabbed his short sword into the middle of it and drug it along the side, cutting the beast in half. It gave a soft short moan and dropped to the ground with a thud. Hacheam rushed over to Seetra to inspect her wound. "Its starting to numb" she said. "There is a vial of blue liquid in my pack, it's an antidote, can you please get it?" she asked Hacheam. Hacheam didn't hesitate to do so, he rushed over to her bag and looked for the vial, he found it in the pack after find many other things and gave it to Seetra. She grabbed it and took a glup. Hacheam watched as she shook her head and was out of it for a little while. But she got up after that and was fine. Seetra got up and noticed the big gash in Hacheam's shoulder. "Are you okay?" she asked him "I'm fine, dont worry about me." Seetra helped Hacheam on to his horse, seeing that he couldnt use his right arm to mount himself up. Seetra once again led the way to the sanctuary of the moon elves.

Chapter 6

The moon elves

Seetra and Hacheam rode for about another tenday. They finally reached the moon elf "sanctuary." "Were here" said Seetra "were where?" asked Hacheam staring at what looked to him a bunch of trees. Seetra laughed a loud. "the moon elf sancutary." She dismounted, helped Hacheam off and chanted a few words. Two sentry gaurds popped up what seemed out of nowhere. The two sentry gaurds reckognized Seetra but asked who Hacheam was. "He is a friend" she told them. They looked suspicous at him because of his eyes, his blue, icy, dragon eyes. "Dont do that, thats rude you see" Seetra scolded the gaurds. After that they led Seetra and Hacheam through. Once though, Hacheam saw a lot of elves around fire pits, which strangely could not be seen beyond the senrties. Magic Hacheam thought. He saw many young elf children running around, some others holding conversations. "Follow me" Seetra told Hacheam. They went trough to a cave, in this cave was an old elven woman with an older elven man. Most elfs live to be around 400 years old and still look like they were 20, and lived an avereage of 700 years, but these elves, Hacheam could tell were well beyond 1,000 years old. Hacheam almost laughed at the irony, he was 9,673 years old and not a wrikle on his skin. These elves were wrikled like they had just gotten out of a hot 45 minute bath. It still looked however, that they were very powerful, very powerful indeed. "Who is this?" asked the man to Seetra. Seetra nudged Hacheam. "I am Hacheam" he said with a bow "A friend of Seetra." "Welcome Hacheam son of?" asked the woman "umm..." he looked at Seetra for support, she only shrugged. "Who was your father?" asked the man "I umm... I..." Hacheam stuttered "yes?" asked the woman " I didn't know him." That wasn't really a lie, Hacheam didn't know who his parents were, dragons always abandoned their young, and besides, after nearly ten thousand years how was he supposed to remember? "Your mother then?" the woman asked "nope didn't know her either." The two looked at each other curiously. "Who raised you?" Hacheam bowed his head "I raised myself." He tried talking more to his feet than to them. "You were on the streets?" the man asked. "No in the wilderness." "Who are you really?" The woman asked. Hacheam sighed, he saw no use in lieing. "Iciclousastimazilian, a white wyrm" he let the illiusion spell fall. They both gasped and Seetra, even after seeing the sight before, flinched. The man was about to call for help but Seetra stopped him, "NO!" They were all caught off gaurd. "He is a friend he is no threat, do you think I would lead him into our village and lead him to you if he was a treat? He is my friend" "Bah," the man spat "he is a white dragon, and therefore is evil, I will not allow him to run free in my city." "Do you judge everyone by the way they look? Yes, his skin is white but he is not evil" she threw a bag of gold from Hacheam's lair on the ground. "Not many get gold from a dagon's lair and live to tell the tale. I have this gold, that was once his." she looked them in the eyes. " Do you really think I would put this village in danger?" "He may stay" the woman said. Hacheam put the illusion back on. "Thank you" Hacheam said.

*          *          *

Hacheam had learned that the man's name was Geasdfe, and the woman was Waers, they are the leaders of the village. Hacheam was watching some children in the village play. A young female came up to him. "Are you Hacheam?" she asked him "yes" he answered "we have heard a lot about you " she said. Before he could say anything the girl said "my name is Elestri" she said "I would introduce myself but you already know me so it sounds." he said. She laughed "yes that is true, but I really wanted to ask you this we are having a party tonight, lots of dancing and music and games, you are welcome to come." "I'll see what I can do" he said, he didn't feel confortable around the elves, but he didn't know what else to do either. She sped off toward her group of friends, all of them staring and gigling at him. All Hacheam could do was roll his eyes.

*          *          *

Hacheam went to the party, and as Elestri had said there was a lot of music and dancing. He just sat around wondering what he should do. Seetra was sitting by him. "Are you enjoying yourself?" She asked him "I dont know what to say to that really" said Hacheam "Go ask a girl to dance" she teased "absolutely not" he replied "I have been alive almost 10,000 years and never have I even attempted to do such a thing." "Everyone has to learn sometime" she said "No I dont think-" he was cut off by Elestri walking up "Hmm" she said "'everyone has to learn sometime' I take it you don't know how to dance." she said "allow me" "uh, no I think-" but before he could refuse she pulled him to his feet. She showed him the steps to the dance. He was dancing with her later on. "See its not so bad" she said "I guess" "whats wrong?" she asked him "ever since you came you have been really unsure about everything" "its complicated" he said he sarted to walk off but before he could, she grabbed him and kissed him on the lips. Hacheam looked at her strangely, he didn't know what to think of what had just happend. Before he could think about anything he heard the shouts of battle and screaming. He turned to see dark forms attacking the moon elfs, drow, although Hacheam didn't know that since he had never seen a drow. One of them took Seetra and hit her over the head and stabbed her in the stomach. A sudden rage welled up in him a rage he had never felt before. He lauched himself at the drow that had hurt Elestri and ripped him to shreads. He turned to see another one attacking another moon elf, the drow saw him, with his pale eyes and screamed in horror. Hacheam grabbed him by the neck and drove one of his daggers through his chest. He had never felt so outraged. He was angry, and he didn't even know why. He took the lives of as many drow as he could. No Hacheam thought no this cant happen, he caught as many surface elfs as he could behind him until all he saw was drow and spun his swords as fast as he could. All he saw after that was retreating dark forms. Hacheam rushed over to see how many had gotten hurt or killed. He asked around, he finally found Seetra and thanked his lucky stars that she was alright. He looked and saw some wounded elves being carried to get their wounds mended. "How many got killed?" He asked Seetra "None thanks to you." She said. Hacheam let out a sigh of relief. He sensed someone behind him and turned around. There was Geasdfe the old leader of the village. "Thank you Hacheam, I am glad I allowed you to come in this village, if you hadn't been there a lot of my people would have died. You have my thanks." With the he turned around and left. But then he heard another voice. "Hacheam is that your name?" He saw a male elf. "Yes" "thank you very much my people wouldn't have survived without you." he said with a bow. "I also insepcted the cuts on the dead drow bodies what weapons are you using? Just out of curiousity." Hacheam pulled out his long sword and short sword and handed them to the man. "Very magnifecent, very magnifecent indeed, he studied the blades glows. "These are enchanted with a spell that make them so they can cut through just about anything, these are very hard to come by, you should feel proud to have such fine companions." "Yes I do feel proud, I have lots of good companions, Seetra is the best." The man laughed "I won't doubt it" he said and started to walk away, but he turned around before he was too far and said "forgive me, I havent introduced myself, I am Jheboh." "Pleasure to meet you." With that the man strode off. "Seetra" Hacheam asked "What were those attacking anyway?" "Drow" Seetra replied "dark elves, on a surface raid." Hacheam vowed to someday rid the world of these drow.

*          *          *

The next day Hacheam was in the village exploring the grounds. He had never seen anything like the elf village so happy and so peacefully calm. He was pondering what made this village so different than the rest of the world. I young child came up to him. "Why are your eyes so different?" he asked Hacheam, Hacheam chuckled "I was born that way." He said "Oh, What is in that pouch on your belt?" he asked he pulled out Esorah and handed it to the boy. "Be careful its very expensive" he told the boy "whats so special about it?" asked the boy. Hacheam took Esorah and out the figurine on the ground, he quitetly called "Esorah" and the mists swirled until a magical nightmare appeard "This is Esorah" he told the boy. The boy looked at Esorah with uncertainty. "It's alright she wont hurt you." the boy lifted his arm and petted Esorah's neck. Apparently this drew some attention because a lot of other young children came running over to meet this new and exciteing animal. Hacheam didn't know why but this made him smile. Esorah was a bit confused a the sight of a lot of young children coming around her all at once but she put up with it. Hacheam decided, he liked it here.

*          *          *

 "The prisoner as you order sir" rasped the scrawny dragonborn" the dragonborn left with only leaving a pathetic looking lizradman in with one of the most powerful dragons in the world Piquaousastimizilain, "greetings Scintousastimizilian," said Piquaous "it is a pleasure to have such a great..." he paused "...dragon in my chamber" he said with more than a little emphasis on dragon. "What do you want from me, you pathetic excuse for a wyrm" the raging  Scintousastimizilian spat "nothing, nothing at all" Piquaous said slyly "your lucky I dont rip you head head off right this instant." the rash lizardman replied. "Well fine, then go ahead and try." But he couldn't and he knew he couldn't, being in the form of a reptile he couldn't do anything against this dragon. "Well now that we are all here I would like to introduce you to my other friends, although im sure you already know them." On cue some more dragonborn came in with two other reptiles, a troglodyte and a kobold. Piquaous couldn't help but cackling at the sight of the pathic looking creature. "These are Fultiousastimizilian and Toxicousastimilzilian our most revered friends." Scintous couldn't believe it, Piquaousastimizilian have captured all the dragons but one Iciclousastimizilian. "Now I am the greatest of them all, with Iciclousastimizialian dead who is the greatest dragon now?" He asked them Scintous cow now see, Iciclous was dead, Piquaous was now the greatest of them all. "Now don't worry you will probably be in my ranks, as long as you dont try anything stupid. "Wait," he heard a squeaking kobold voice say, the voice of Toxicous. "I think you are the greatest of us all Piquaousastimizilian, but set me free of this form and you could not only be the greatest dragon, but the greatest of all on this earth. I could help you." Piquaous could tell easily that this wyrm was lieing but he liked his idea, if he sent him back into his normal form, he couldn't control him, but if he made him into a half-dragon, he most certainly could. escort these other two out," he instructed "I wish to talk to the kobold" the gaurds took the othe two wyrm leaving Piquaous and toxicous alone. "I like your idea." He told the kobold. "I will go along with it," the small kobold allowed a smug grin spread across his face "but I do it alone." the kobold grin vanished immediately. Piqualous picked up the kobold by the head, in between his gigantic claws and let the claws sink deep. Piquaous grinned, he put the kobold carcus in his hand and threw it against the wall, turning the kobold into an unidentiable pile of gore. "bring in the prisoners, once again," he instructed, "and clean this up, we have work to do."

Chapter 7

Strange Things

Hacheam looked out over the forest, in the last few days he had worked as a lookout with Seetra. It had been enjoyable. Not much would come, save a couple of gnolls or goblins. But today was different. There was a huge army of kobolds out in the distance. Not hundreds, or thousands, but tens of thousands. They were cutting down trees, for what the elves could not know. They decided to make a small batalion to see what the trouble was, Jheboh was leading the batlion. Hacheam and Seetra were smong this batlion "What are you doing to our forest?" Jheboh asked them "you don't have the permission of Queen Waers or King Geasdfe." he told them speaking goblin tongue. "What do you wan't with us?" squeaked the small lizard looking creature. "We wan't you to get out of our forest." Jheboh stated flatly. The leader motioned for his kobold to stop what they were doing and draw their weapons. All of them drew their weapons. "we are not looking for a fight." Replied Jheboh "we only wish that you leave or stop destroying our forest." Jheboh worried, he knew that kobolds were stupid and easy to defeat, but with this many, they would need more than just a a batlion of 25. "Retreat!" Jheboh shouted. They left the kobold back to their tree chopping.

*          *          *

  "Scintousastimizilain, you look more like a wyrm now." Scintousastimizilian was fourious. He was a half-dragon and half-lizardman. He had almost his full potential back, but he was under Piquaous's control. He had done the same with Fultiousastimizilian. He had heard that he had killed Toxicousastimizilian. "you two will be the greatest of all my warriors" he replied with glee about thinking of such a great idea. "Take these two away I have other things to do." The dragonborns that had been escorting them took them out. Piquaousastimizilian was very proud of himself. With three dragons in his ranks how could he lose? He sat for an hour or so more thinking about all the glories he would recieve. Until he felt a strange cold feeling inside him he turned his head to see a small wyrm, a black wyrm, but not like Piquaous, it didn't have any irovy horns on the sides of its head, instead it had two webbed ears, it was only about the quarter of the size or piquaous, he recognized it to be a shadow dragon. Shadow dragons were different, they did not come from the material plane, but the shadow plane. Although it was small, one was never to underestimate any dragon, a shadow dragon in particular. "Piquaousastimizilian" the dragon rasped. "I have heard of you plans and I want in on it." It looked at Piquaous with a deadly glare. "I want half of your glory." All Piquaous did was sigh. "No" Piquaous replied bluntly, Piquaous did want this wyrm's help but wanted to see what it was capable of doing. The shadow wyrm looked at Piquaous dangerously. Piquaous looked the wyrm in the eye and stared him down for a while, when the shadow dragon had enough it let loose a large cone of shadow, it felt like all the happiness and life was being sucked from him, but he didn't back down. He swiped his tail and knocked the wyrm into the cavern wall, the shadow dragon leaped back up and lanched itself at the acid wyrm. They locked arms, Piquaous was amazed at how well this small wyrm was fighting back, it was was just as strong, if not stronger, than Piquaous. Piquaous decided stregth wasn't going to win this, he out his legs into the shadow wyrms stomach and pushed as hard as he could, when the Piquaous could not extend his legs farter he let go of the shadow wyrm's arm this sent the dragon flying across the cavern. Piquaous quickly ran ove to the wyrm and gave it a hard punch across the face. The shadow wyrm was dazed, but it was not done, it ran Piquaous's way and gave him a hard bite in the leg. Piqaous felt pain, anguish and death all in the same bite. This enraged Piquaous, He picked up the wyrm and slammed it against the cavern wall several times then trew it to the ground. The wyrm started to get up but Piquaous hit him in the head to knock him unconcious. Then Piquaous started his spell casting, the wyrm slowly started to morph into a snake-like humanoid, but in stopped half way. Piquaous was pleased, he need a leader for the yuan-ti's and this now half-dragon would do a very good job.

*          *          *

"What reason would these kobolds have to be cutting down the trees of the forest?" asked Queen Waers "I cannot know your majesty." replied Jheboh with Hacheam and Seetra present in the throne room of their king and queen's quarters. "I want them stopped, stooped as soon as possible." She growled "I dont want troublesome little rats cutting down the blasted forest." she looked Jheboh in the eye. "I want you to see what you can do to stop these little creatures." She said "your majesty I don't know how possible that will be" he reasoned "there was thousands, tens of thousands, It will take more than a battilion to take them down, if we do take them down it will take the whole elven army." Waers spat in his direction. Something strange was going on here. Waers never disrespected anyone, hardly ever, let alone spit on them. "Waers" Hacheam said testing the queen. she spat at him, "you will call me who I am, I am your queen, you pitiful male!" by this time they all knew something was wrong,Waers was not the type to use sexual insults such as this. "What did you do with her?" Waers looked at him with fear and tried to pass it off a confusion. "Who?" she asked. Hacheam looked into Waers eyes, they were not the sparkling blue they  normal were, they were red, crimson red. The drow recognised the observation and let a spell loose Hacheam dodged it and shot a flame arrow spell at her. Her clothes instantly caught fire. As she tried to put it out Hacheam walked over and picked her up by the smoldering collar. she looked at him with awe that the fire didn't burn him, thanks to the necklace, and that he was strong enough to pick her up with only a single arm! "Where is she?" He asked a second time this time wrapping his hand around her fraile, delicate neck. She pointed to a chest in the corner. Seetra walked over and opend the chest and pulled out an old, weak, Queen Waers. Hacheam let out a loud thundering dragon roar. "Do you know who I am?" he asked the drow she shooke her head "I am Iciclousastimizilian!" he let fall the illusion that was holding his disguise. The female looked at him in horror, not even a scream could escape her lips. "When I am trough with your people you will have all the pain of the nine hells to deal with, and more!" Hacheam roared. The female's body was burnt now and she had hardly any clothes left on, that weren't smoldered. Hacheam grabbed her by the hair, lifted her off the ground, looked her in the eye and asked; "Where are the rest of your people?" it was all that she could do to point in the direction of the band she was leading. Hacheam saw, out in the open about 50 dark elves, he could tell there was to be another surface raid. This made him even more angry. he stood infront of the band atop of some high rocks still holding the female, whose clothes were all singed off and had third degree burns all up and down her body. "I have had enough of your kind" Hacheam yelled, throwing the female to the ground. "It will stop!" and with that he stabbed the female through the chest. The magical blades cut trough the body like a hot kinfe would butter. He then tore the naked drow's head off and presented it to the band. If you come back and try another surface raid," he pointed to the broken body "more of this will happen!" He promised. The drow didn't know what to do. If they went back they would have to face the wrath of thier head matron mothers. However if they didn't they would face the wrath of an angry elf with giants strength. They chose the wiser desicion and sped off as fast as they could back into thier underground city.

            *          *          *

"You what?" the raged matron mother asked her head drow. She was rather short and stalky, an unattractive trait for the drow, but she was extremly powerful "Mistress, please there was nothing we could do, not even the leader you assigned could help it." The female who had taken the leaders place presented the head she had collected from the ground, who happend to be one of the matron mother's favorite daugthers. She now understood better, it took more than just an average sellsword to kill her daughter. She also knew that this head had been torn off, not cut or sliced, it was very uncommon for an elf to posses such strength, He must have been magically assisted, she thought and left it at that. She looked at the new commander. "Who killed her?" she asked. "A surface elf, an extremly strong one, in magic and muscle." The matron mother nodded this was going to be harder than she thought. "Do whatever you can to kill that elf, I dont care if it takes 100 females to do it. The commander knew that it could take that much to stop that surface elf. "Mistress?" The commander dared to question. "What?" asked the matron mother. "Forgive me for asking but, weren't you against all this in the first place? Ruleling over on the surface." "I was, but not anymore. Do you realize that the drow could rule the world if we set our mind to it?" "Whatever suits you." The commander replied. Evidentaly, Quenthel Baenre had changed.

*          *          *

Scintous was leading an army of lizardman, too many to count. He was under control of Piquaous. He was sent to start killing off the moon elves that had threated the kobolds. Little did he know drow were approaching, 100 males, 150 females, and 40 preistesses. Most of them were of lower noble houses, but they were a formidable force. They were coming at a faster rate than the lizardmen but, at a longer distance. Scintous could sense their powers, but didn't know that the drow were approaching. Hacheam could sense them both. He felt that evil power he had felt when he had held that drow female in his hand, but he felt another, not as evil, but he could feel it. "We have to get out of here." he told Seetra. She looked at him coriously. "Why?" "The drow are coming back, and so is another force, one that I cannot tell." Seetra nodded "We should go tell Waers and Geasdfe." They went to the throne room and told their king and queen all that Hacheam had sensed, they both aggreed to evacuate at once. They were all rushing out of the village, into the woods, where they could be safe. While assisting some other elves Elestri, barely recovered from the surface raid, confronted him. "Hello" she said smiling. "Hi" said Hacheam a bit uncomfortable. "Thanks for what you did at the surface raid" she thanked him. "Don't mention it." and he meant just that. She walked in front of him. "I love you Hacheam, and you don't feel the same." she said with tears welling in her eyes. She was wrong however Hacheam did love her but he needed more time, being a half-dragon, he didn't know how she would take it. "I do love you" he replied whipping some tears from her cheek, I just need more time." He let a few seconds pass to let the message sink in. "Walk with me?" he asked her. How could she say no.

*          *          *

Scintous and his troops were finally at the moon elf village. He told three quarters of them to stay behind for reenforcements. "Search everywhere," commanded Scintous "I want every last moon elf killed. The lizardmen searched every tent, hut and tree. "Sir," said one of them "theres not no elfses here." "They lefted us" said another. Scintous thought about that. How did they know he was coming? "Sir," another one said "Theres these other ones here these dark elves wanting to speak with us." Scintous motioned them to get in position, he had dealt with drow before, he knew how deadly they could be. The commander of the drow approached Scintous. "Who are you, and why are you in the surface elf camp?" she asked him bluntly. Scintous smiled "Were here to kill them." He replied slyly. The drow commander motioned for her army to draw weapons. "That is our duty, leave now or be punished." "Greedy elf, you are outnumbered greatly." "You dont know the skill of the drow." she replied. Scintous pulled out a whistle and blew a certain tune on it. The drow could not hear the noise, but the reenforcements could, They came out with bows, blow guns, swords clubs and all matter of weapons ready, the original quarter that had searched the camp did the same. The drow got hand crossbows ready and drew out weapons, but before they could make a move they had thousands of lizardmen on them. The wild lizardmen were ripping and tearing the drow mercilessly, the drow were being mauled, and shot, the seasoned lizardmen were very good with thier ranged weapons, most of the drow had a crossow bolt, a blowgun dart, or an arrow in their backs. the drow scored a hit or two every now and then, but were no match for the very well trained lizardmen who where even better then the drow. This time no drow retreated, Scintous put a spear in the ground, tore off the commanders head and slapped it on the spear end. Only 12 of his troops had been killed. Scintous smiled again. Piquaous would be pleased.

Chapter 8

To make matters worse            

Scintous told Piquaous what had happend. Piquaous wasn't very happy about the matter. He was pleased about the fact that his lizardmen killed seasoned drow elves, a race known for their combat skills, with almost no losses. What displeased him was the fact that they had drow to deal with. He knew though, that his troops were ready to kill all the drow, but what he was worried about was that the losses would be great. It was one thing to lose 12 soldiers in an attack of 200 drow. But with 10,000 drow, he would lose more than just 12 soldiers. Piquaous had more than 10,000 but he also knew the power of Lolth, the drow Spider Queen, the drow's evil Godess. Her clerics and preistesses were strong, very strong. Piquaous sighed, he knew he would have to deal with the problem sooner or later, and if he didn't approach the drow, the drow would approach him.

*          *          *

Seetra found Hacheam packing his things. He was in his tent in the camp that the moon elves set up out of range of the kobolds and any other threats that might have befallen them. "Where are you going?" she asked him "I am going away for a while." he told her. She knew that there was more than what he was telling her to the subject. "Where are you going?" she asked a second time. Hacheam sighed, he knew he couldn't hide it from Seetra for too long. "There was a dragon with them, the force I sensed approaching," he explained  

The End

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