Ichigo's Hufflepuff

A story about Ichigo going to hogwarts :D

I stood outside the shop in which I would buy my wand, my mum slowly walking along the pavement, marvelling at the wonders which were set upon the street in front of her. I tapped my foot impatiently and tilted my head.

Too slow! I wanted to go in now!

'Mum! Hurry up!' I called in a irritated voice, she nodded and hurried the heck up.

We stepped inside the shop and saw a few other kids in there, waiting in a neat line for their turn. I grinned to myself as I joined the back.

I, Ichigo, was going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry this September!! We were currently in Diagon Alley, we'd been in nearly every shop there was.

I'm lucky my dad wasn't here, he'd be on a field trip looking at all of the magical things in the windows. But it was decided that only my mum would come.

I'm from a 'muggle' family, you see. But I'm a witch. I recived my letter in the holidays and was practically screaming with glee.

And it's even more exciting now I know it's definatly NOT a dream! Don't get me wrong, I'm really upset that I have to leave all my friends.

But I'll see them in the summer, easter and christmas holidays, right? They were all awfully interested in the school I was going to, but I just cobbled up some lie about going to a French boarding school to improve my languages. Lies. A downright lie, I must say. But they eventually bought it(thank the goddess)!!


I looked up and stumbled forward, tripping over my own feet and I staggered up to the counter. The old, weary-looking man looked me up and down then went to one of the shelves.

He pulled out a long box, opened it and handed me a crooked-looking stick. This must be a wand? The man smiled in encouragement at me, and I took it into my right hand.

'. . .Wave it, or something!' He sighed, shaking his head as I stood there, dumbstruck and no idea what to do.

I waved it and nothing happened, then the tip started to glow and I looked at it. It crackled and spat and fizzed before imploding on itself and blowing up.

I gasped and stepped backwards.

'Maybe. . .not. . .' Mum muttered, putting a hand over her eyes as though she daren't look at the mess I had made.

He handed me another whithered and bent wand, I waved it and it shone brightly, as though smiling at me. I tilted my head and grinned. This had to be my wand.

'25cm Oak, snidget feather.' The old man mumbled to himself, 'three galions.'

I handed him three large gold coins, thanked him and departed the wand shop. I fondled my new wand lovingly and we set off to the robe shop next. . .


The End

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