I don't like putting summaries on my work because my stories like changing and as far as I can tell, you can't change the summary. Please read and rate. It's basically about a girl who transforms into anything she wants to be simply by using her ipod. I know this sounds confusing...but just read it and you'll understand.



"Ugh!" My bag had ripped apart. Again. I shivered.This was way too cold for me to be stopping to pick up everything that had fallen out. I muttered curses under my breath and bent down to pick everything up as the snow whirled around me. I sighed and sat down on the snowbank, wrapping my snowboarding jacket around me. I zipped open a pocket in my jacket and pulled out my iPod. Honestly, it was way too cold out. It should be illegal to be this cold out. I put in the headphones and turned it on. I pressed the menu button. Hmm... I scrolled down.

Music No.

Photos Um..no.

Videos   Er...nah.

iTunesU  Nope.

Games  Uh uh.

Extras Nooo.

Settings  Nnno.

iChange Um...yeah!

The End

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