Her Kind of JusticeMature

I did not enact my plan at the first chance I got. As Zarry had demonstrated, planning is crucial to any act of malice. For a week or so, I made phone calls, researched Zarry, went to the bar, and collected my weapons. These dangerous utensils included a handsaw, a sewing kit, chlorform, and a meat cleaver, along with the regular arsenal I kept on my person at all times. 

Finally, I was ready. 

I got ready two hours early. I was thankful that my parents had decided to go see a movie, or else there was no way I could have left my house at eight. I dressed carefully, finding my shortest skirt, lowest cut top, and highest heels. When I was certain that my outfit was suitably slutty, I went to the bathroom and put on tons of makeup, complete with bright red lipstick. Then I put on a long blonde wig. The downside to dressing this way, was that I might be mistaken for a prostitute, but this was the only way my plan would work. I would be able to change into some spare clothes that I had packed into a duffel bag with my weapons after I was done.

By disguising myself on previous occasions, I had been able to go to the bar called Silverstream and watch Zarry. I found out that not only did he go there around two in the morning after work, he also went there before work, around eight. With an evil grin on my face, I left the house.

When I got to the bar, Zarry was there. On my way in, he caught my eye and gestured for me to come over and join him. He didn’t recognize me. He bought me a drink, and we talked for a while before I pulled his ugly face close to mine, and made it perfectly clear what I wanted to do that evening. He responded even better than I had expected, and put his arm around my waist to walk me to the door. 

“So where are we headed?” he asked

“There’s an abandoned warehouse that I’ve used before. It’s cheaper than those by-the-hour motels.”

It was an innocent enough statement for the situation that I was in, but I hadn’t picked just any abandoned warehouse. This one was special: It was the warehouse that Zarry used to torture his victims. This was risky on my part, it might give the game away, but I was hoping that his lust would overpower his sense of reason. 
We arrived at the warhouse. The windows were broken in, and the cracked concrete floor was overgrown with weeds. As I surveyed the area, I noticed a fatal flaw in my plan; the chair and video camera I had put in the warehouse were visible from the door. I had not thought to check. 

Zarry caught on fast. He turned on me and pulled out his knife. I was ready, and as he lunged, I brought my foot up in between his legs. He hit the floor, writhing in pain. Before he had a chance to recover, I brought the handle of my knife down on the back of his neck. Jeremy had said that doing this would paralyze a victim for about thirty seconds. I didn’t trust this estimate, so I worked fast. 

I tied his feet together, and then rolled him over to handcuff his hands. By the time I was almost done, he had already started to recover and struggle, but I had the advantage. I would have hit him on the head to knock him out, but I didn’t want to risk killing him before I got to have my fun. While he was lying on his stomach, I grabbed his hair and forced his head back, so that I could cover his nose and mouth with the chloroform soaked rag that I had concealed in my bra. When I was certain that he was unconscious, I grabbed his ankles and dragged him across the floor towards the chair. It took a pretty long time to get him into it. When I finally managed to, he was already coming around, and I had to hurry in tying him to the chair, so that the couldn’t escape.

By now, most of my plan had gone out the window. My original idea was to seduce him, tie him up in a sexual way, and have him not question the oddness of a chair and camera in an abandoned warehouse. This plan had been idealistic, and I probably should have known that it wouldn’t work, but so far, nothing had gone horribly wrong.

I cut the clothes off of his body, leaving him exposed, and my fun began. I turned on the warehouse lights and pressed ‘record’ on the video camera.

First, I took a needle and thread from my sewing kit, and sewed his lips shut. He showed a certain resistance to this by thrashing and shaking his head back and forth, but in the end, I just hit him on the back of the neck again and quicky sewed them shut. 

He looked at me in shock, not understanding who I was, but all doubt was cleared up once I removed the wig. 

"Guess who? I'm acting a bit different then you're used to, I'm sure, but I believe we shall understand each other a bit better by the time I'm done."

I began to pull out his toenails. His screams were like music to my ears, and I couldn’t help but smile. As I pulled them out one by one, I said to him softly, “Zarry, do you know why I’m doing this to you?” 

He shook his head.

“I guess this just isn’t working. But don’t worry, I have something that will help you remember even better.”

At this, I took out the meat cleaver, and began hacking off toes.

“Do you know now?”

He shook his head again.

“A pity. I’d say that I don’t like doing this, but that would be a lie. I’m enjoying this very much.”

Out came the sewing kit again. 

I’d like to say that I left his tender areas alone, after all, it does seem kind of cheap to say that I tortured him with such methods, but he was a rapist, so it was okay. 

I took pins and needles, and began pushing them one by one into his penis. His muffled screams made my pulse race and my breath come in short gasps. It was hard to mask my excitement.

“It seems that I’m all out of pins. Do you remember what you did?”

Once again, he shook his head.

“It’s your loss. Literally.”

Handsaw time.

I had almost hoped that I wouldn’t have to use this method, just because of how messy it was. I took the handsaw and positioned it over his testicles, I then began to saw.

Metal teeth bit into soft flesh and his screams were louder and more panicked than before. Finally I said,

“Do you want me stop? The doctors might be able to fix this, but if I keep going, I’m not too sure that they could. I won't even kill you.”

He nodded.

“Do you know what you did?”

He nodded again.

“If that’s so, then apologize to Jeremy. Open your mouth and say it.”

He looked undecided for a moment, but I made up his mind for him when I picked up the saw and got it into position. His mouth stretched and blood appeared where the stitches were. He kept opening his mouth, and the stitches ripped free; blood splattered everywhere, and some even hit my face. 

As blood filled his mouth and ran down his chin, he managed to gasp, “I’m sorry Jeremy.”

“Say it louder, bastard.”

“I’m sorry Jeremy.” 


At that moment, I had the sudden desire to sign my work, and so I pulled out my switchblade, and carved the semblance of a cobra wrapped around a rose on his cheek. A bit sloppy, but you could tell what it was.

As I walked over to the camera to press ‘stop’ and it was at this time, that Flagg decided to make his appearance, and so he walked out of the shadows of the warehouse. I collected my camera and tools, and began to walk out of the warehouse, behind me Zarry yelled, “But you said you wouldn’t kill me! You promised!” as Flagg closed in on him.

“I did. But he didn’t.”

I walked out of that warehouse with a grin on my face, as the screams began again.

The End

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