The Hawk and My ButterflyMature

Working with Zarry was pure torture. His cocky attitude and constant passes at Jeremy were beginning to wear on my nerves. He didn’t try anything, but I could feel in my gut that he was just waiting for the right time. 

On Tuesday when I arrived at the warehouse, everything was the same as usual; Arlais was at her other job and couldn’t work, and James was at another of his dreadful meetings, and would not arrive for another hour at least. Around eleven, Cai and Spenser decided to go out for a smoke, leaving me, Jeremy, and Zarry alone. I guess I had let my guard down, because I wasn’t prepared for what happened next.
Zarry launched himself across the table,grabbed Jeremy, and pinned him to the floor. One of his huge hands grabbed both of Jeremy’s wrists and the other began to unbuckle his belt. Jeremy screamed and cried out for me to help him, but I was too terrified to do anything. Instead, I turned and ran for the door; I couldn’t do anything myself, but Spenser could help. When I got outside, he and Cai had decided to take a walk, and I saw them turning a corner up ahead. 

I ran faster than I ever had before, all the while, screaming Spenser’s name over and over. They heard me snd came running. By the time I reached them, I was out of breath, but somehow managed to gasp, “Zarry got Jeremy.” over and over. Spenser seemed to know what I meant, because he took off for the warehouse as fast as he could, with me and Cai tailing a bit behind. 

When I got to the doorway of the warehouse, I saw Jeremy with his pants undone. Zarry had already taken himself out and was getting ready to pleasure himself with my best friend, when Spenser gracefully raised his bat, and swung. At the time, I realized that it must be a beautifully dangerous thing, to watch as Spenser smashes your head into the ground.

Except he hardly hit Zarry. He would have a nice bruise on his back, but nothing was broken. Zarry took the hint though, he practically flew off Jeremy. After he was certain that Zarry would leave Jeremy alone, he grabbed me roughly by the collar and dragged me outside. I could tell that he was pissed, whether at me or Zarry, I couldn’t tell. 

“You’re such a coward, Amelia.” he said, “You should have been able to deal with this yourself. The next time something like this happens, I’m not going to help you out. If someone tries to hurt someone that you care about, you don’t involve others, you keep it private. Understand?”

I had nothing to say, so I just nodded. He let me go and went back inside, but when I went to follow, Cai came out of the door and said simply, “Let’s take a walk.” The universal term for "We need to talk. Alone."

We didn’t get very far before Cai said, “I heard what happened at the main warehouse the other night. You don’t know about Jeremy, do you? You don’t know what he’s been through. When he first started working, everyone saw him as weak. Naturally, people took advantage of this. A bunch of guys decided that he would do good oral, and they gave him two options: give oral, or we’ll make your life a living hell. He chose what was easiest. They paid him, of course, but they did it mostly as a joke. It was humiliating and demeaning for him. That’s why he doesn’t like to go to the main warehouse.”

“Why did you tell me this?”

“To make you mad.”

“Well I am. You were right, the time would come for me to have to be tough. Zarry is a sick bastard that deserves to get ripped. I’ll make him pay. I swear I will. I’m not going to let him do this to anyone else.”

“Don’t pretend to be noble. I know you want to hurt him and mess him up for your own vindictive and petty reasons, you just happen to be doing the world a favor in the process.”

“Doesn’t he go and drink around two in the morning?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Which bar does he go to?”

“Silverstream I think. He usually picks up some girl there too.”

“Even better.”

“My god Amelia! What are you getting at?”

I smiled. I already had my plan thought out. Everything would work out well.

“You’ll see, my curious friend.”

The End

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