A Walk of TerrorMature

On my way to work, I decided that I wasn’t going to let Zarry intimidate me.When I arrived at the warehouse, only Arlais and some guy, presumably Zarry, were there. Zarry was about nineteen, by the looks of him. He was pale, with bleach blonde hair and blue eyes. His feet were on the table and his chair was leaned back; I hoped the chair legs would slipp and he would crack his head open on the cold cement floor. Zarry didn’t look like anything more than a spoiled brat. 

I did, however, have to walk past him in order to get to my seat. As I walked quickly by, a hand grabbed my ass. If it had been anyone else, I would have retaliated by kicking the legs out from under the chair, but this was Zarry. I couldn’t afford enemies, there was no one who would stick up for me if it came to a fight, but surprisingly, Arlais said, “Let her alone.” 

By eleven, everyone had arrived, but once again, there were no good natured jokes or laughter. Zarry seemed to have taken an unnatural interest in Jeremy, which made the alarm bells in my head go off. He didn’t say anything, but I was no fool, he had noticed something, and whatever it was, was probably not good. 

When James came to give everyone their assignments, you could practically feel the tension. 

“Spenser, you have a hit down in the East End. Here’s your sticky note. Arlais, you have two deliveries, and Lucky wants me to remind you that he wants you down on his side of town at least three times a week. Cai, you’re going to tail Arlais tonight, she’s going to see Jack and one of the other more dangerous ones. Jeremy and Amelia, you two are going to deliver some black tar heroin to the main warhouse. It’s about two million worth, so don’t fuck up.”

At this point, Cai cut in, “If they’re carrying that much, don’t you think they should have protection?”

“They do have protection. Zarry is going with them.”

The silence was absolute while everyone waited for Cai to challenge James, but the challenge never came. Eventually, everyone went and picked up their bags and headed out. The duffel bag that I had to carry was much heavier than what I was used to. It would be hard to move quickly if I needed to. 

Normally, Jeremy and I would have enjoyed working together, but Zarry hung over us like a giant cloud. We couldn’t talk with him around, and we certainly couldn’t let our guards down. For some reason, Zarry insisted on walking behind us, and it was certainly rather disconcerting. Everything was fine until he said, “I know what you are Jeremy.”

We stopped walking and would have turned around, except he said “Don’t turn around, I might just think you two are going to try something. I’d keep walking too. You don’t want people to get suspicious while you’re carrying two million in drugs.”
We started to walk again and Zarry continued, “It’s been a while since I found a decent sex toy and you would do just fine, Jeremy.”

“I’m afraid that I’m not interested in other guys.”

“Don’t play dumb. It’s pretty obvious that you’re a girl. You can say ‘no’ but,” he bent down and whispered in Jeremy’s ear, “you’ll be my bitch soon. I can’t wait to hear you screaming my name.”

And so went the longest and most terrifying walk of my life.

The End

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