An Unexpected Bit of TransvestismMature

As time went on, I got better at my work and gained a little respect from my coworkers. I hadn’t met Jack Frell yet, even though Cai guaranteed me that I would. My runs consisted of generic junkies. Most had very little personality and the only things I ever remembered about them was their name, their face, and their address. I only remembered these things for business purposes, and also so I could watch out to make sure I didn’t run into anyone while shopping. 

Me and Cai became close. Even though I no longer went with him on his runs and did my own work, I usually tagged along with him when he trailed runners, if I had time. He was cheery and fun to talk to, so I didn’t mind the sleep I missed while wandering around in the middle of the night with him. He didn’t mind me coming along, except when he was out with Spenser. When he was, I just knew not to ask and I let him be. It was times like these where I was glad to have Jeremy. He was also ditched by his usual cohort and so we hung out together, waiting for our masters to return. If I had spare time and Cai was out with Spenser (an occurrence that was relatively frequent) I would go with Jeremy on his run, or he would come with me on mine if he was the one with time and I was the one working. If neither of us had anything to do, we would walk down the street together in the middle of the night. 

Jeremy wasn’t as talkative as Cai, nor was he as easygoing and playful. His personality was dark and sadistic. While I had never seen him be downright cruel, I knew that side of him was there and I also knew that I never wanted to see it. He was emotionless. His smiles meant nothing more than amusement, his laughter was nothing more than a facade. Even so, I counted him as a friend. I didn’t know if he felt the same way about me and I knew for certain that he didn’t trust me, but we got along well together and neither of us asked the other too many questions. If a question was asked, there was an unspoken agreement stating that the question didn’t have to be answered. 

In this way, several months passed. Arlais was still as cold to me as ever and James still looked at me with disinterest. Nothing major happened. A few new runners showed up for a while, but they usually left after several weeks, bound back to whatever warehouse in our sector that they came from. I never wished that I was a member of a larger warehouse in our sector, for we were the smallest one and had the smallest staff. I could get transferred if I wanted to, but I liked how close everyone was and I had already settled in, so there was no point in moving. 

I changed the course of my history drastically on one of the nights while I was out walking with Jeremy. That night I made a choice. If I hadn’t done this, things may have turned out very differently. I don’t know if I made the right choice that night, and looking back, I realize I don’t have enough time to judge. But needless to say, my actions set things into motion, that I have yet to understand, and the penalties for which, have yet to come full circle.

The warehouse was empty, save for Arlais, and since she could hardly be considered pleasant company, Jeremy and I decided to take a walk. We walked in silence, but this wasn’t unusual since we didn’t need to talk to enjoy being together. I’ll never know what compelled me to spill my guts to Jeremy that night, but I did. 

“Jeremy, you know that I really like you.”

“Yes, I could tell.”

“So, if I were to ask you out, would you go out with me?”

“Is this a hypothetical situation? If it is, then yes, I would go out with you.”

“And if it weren’t?”

“If it weren’t, then I should be the one wondering if you would go out with me.”

“What do you mean?”

“Amelia, how much do you honestly know about me? I’m not all that I appear, and I would feel guilty if I were to date you under false pretenses. I am a gentleman...of sorts.”

“You’re getting at something. I’m not quite sure what it is, but I honestly wouldn’t care. If you’re gay, you could just say it. It’s not like you’d be the odd one out, I’ve got my suspicions about Cai and Spenser. It’s not that big of a deal.”

“’re close. It’s kinda hard to explain. I guess I a way. Well you see, um...”


“Dammit. You might as well know. I’m a girl.”

The End

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