One-Eyed WonderMature

The fresh air helped a lot, and when I returned to the warehouse, I was completely calm. I sat down at the table in my usual place and stared off into space. I wasn’t long with my thoughts, however, before Cai came upto me and said, “We’re going to have to go back. We can’t just leave the body there like that. Then we need to finish the run. If you want to back out now, me and everyone else will look the other way as you leave the warehouse and never return. It’s the only chance you’ll get to live a normal life. If I were you, I’d run out that door and never look back.”

This offer was extremely tempting, for I had no desire to clean up a dead body and drag it off to god knows where, but my pride wouldn’t allow me to back down. I also knew that there was no way that I could afford my drugs if I didn’t keep the job. The possibility of a normal life was out of the question, no matter how you looked at it, so I decided to keep working. 

When Cai and I arrived at Nathaniel’s house, everything was just as we had left it; lights on, with a body on the floor. By this time, the blood had started to dry in some places and the stench was horrible. It was the smell of fresh blood. Cai taught me how to clean up the blood with bleach. While I was working on that, he dragged the body out back and made a phone call. I didn’t even want to know who he was calling. After a little while, he came back inside and helped me clean up the rest of the blood. When we were done, we didn’t leave. Instead we waited. I guess I was going to meet the people that Cai just had a talk with. I didn’t like that idea.

Cai didn’t try to make conversation, he just sat on the floor, staring off into space. At some point, I must have dozed off, because I remember Cai shaking me and saying “Flagg’s here. He brought the truck.” 

Flagg was a tall guy, red hair, and only eight fingers. He was missing the pinky and the ring finger on his left hand. But even this was normal, compared to the fact that he had only one eye. He wore a patch over the missing one, so it wasn’t like there was a gaping hole in his head. 

He went over to Cai and asked quickly “Where’s the body?” Cai led him out back and together they lifted the body and carried it out to Flagg’s red truck. They carefully laid it in the bed of the truck and covered it with a tarp. I stood by the road a few feet from the truck and watched the whole operation in silence. Flagg got in and started the vehicle, while Cai got in on the passenger side. He frantically gestured for me to get in before Flagg drove off. 

We drove out of the city and just kept driving for about fifteen minutes, then we turned down a road, then down another one and another and another, until I had no idea where we were. For about five minutes, we had been driving through a forest. Then the pavement ended and we began driving on an old, dirt road. 

Ohhh shit.

This wasn’t going to end well. I could see that much. We just kept going deeper and deeper into the forest. When it felt like an eternity had passed, we finally stopped. Flagg got out of the truck and me and Cai followed suit. Flagg took the body out of the truck bed and heaved it over his shoulder. The broken and crushed skull smacked against his back, leaving a bloody stain. In his other hand he grabbed a can of gasoline that had been in the truck bed with the body. He walked calmly into the forest and we followed him. I couldn’t see, so I just followed the wet smacking noise that a squished head makes as it bumps against someone’s back. After walking for about ten minutes, he suddenly stopped and threw the body on the ground. We were in a clearing. 

Flagg dumped the can of gasoline all over the body, he then lit a match and threw it on top. The clearing was illuminated with the sudden burst of flame. 

Cremation, yum.

The End

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