Cai walked through he door and I followed him through it. The people on the other side of the door weren’t at all like I had imagined. They didn’t look mean at all, tired, no, exhausted and worn down. There were three people sitting around a table, two guys and a girl. The guys had been talking, but stopped as soon as they saw me. One of them looked about my age. He was only five foot two at the most and had long dark brown hair. The other one was much taller and quite thin. He had messy blonde hair and was quite pale. Leaning against the table near his feet was an orange baseball bat. The girl was black haired and pretty. She was lost in thought and only glanced at me before going back to her own little world. Further off there was a man at a desk going through paperwork. 

Cai led me past the table towards the man at the desk. He stopped in front of the desk and told the man, “This is the one I was telling you about. I think she’s got talent. She’s smart and catches on fast.” The man looked up and studied me. I thought his eyes were going to burn me with the intensity of his gaze. 

“She may learn fast, the real question is if she can think fast.”

He went back to doing his paperwork and completely ignored me. I was growing impatient when suddenly he leaped for my throat wiht a knife. Time slowed down for me and I sort of ducked and tried to move out of the way. I almost succeeded. He brought the hilt of the knife down on my shoulder and I yelped in pain. When I looked back up at him, he was grinning. 

“Welcome to the family. Cai will introduce you to everyone. You start training tomorrow night. For today you’ll just stay here and watch to see how we run things. I’m James, by the way, your new employer.” James was a young man of average height. He looked about twenty. He had short black hair that was slicked back in a most peculiar way. James was nothing like the people sitting at the table, he looked healthier and crueler. I decided then that I never intended to cross him. 

Cai led me towards the round table where the other runners were sitting. “This is Amelia Carroway.” he said to everyone. I learned their names. The short guy was Jeremy, the blonde guy was Spenser, and the girl was Arlais. Cai warned me that she didn’t like to talk much. The one named Spenser gestured towards the empty chair next to Jeremy and said, “Sit down, we don’t bite. Oh, wait, Jeremy does.” I took this to mean that no one at the table intended to kill me. The last thing I wanted to do, however, was sit next to someone who bites, but I saw that I had no choice and sat down anyway. Up close, Jeremy looked...feminine. He wasn’t bad looking. The only way I could describe him was with one word: beautiful. He was pretty scarred, and one of his arms looked like it had been badly burned, but these things gave him character, personality. 

No one was talking. The room fizzled with tension. Finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore and I blurted out, “Do you really bite?” 

The reaction I received was not what I had expected. Everyone at the table began to laugh and I myself had to agree that what I said must have sounded pretty amusing. After he had finished snorting with laughter, Jeremy replied, “Yes. It’s a sign of affection.” From that moment, I realized that while I hadn’t yet been fully accepted, I had passed some sort of test and was met with silent approval. I looked over at Cai and he nodded ever so slightly to show that I had done well. 

And so went the birth of Amelia Carroway.

The End

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