- One -Mature

He had been tracking his prey when he heard the screams.

When he was in hunter mode, as he was now, it was very rare that something other than his meal would divert his attention. He stood up straight, watching the small town below him from the rooftops he had been perched upon and tried to locate the source of the distress, merely out of curiosity. His food could wait.


Definitely a girl. She was scared. He wondered briefly what it was that was causing her so much fear. Perhaps she had stumbled onto one of his kind? It would be her own fault though. Stupid humans, always the same.

Although he couldn’t sense another one out there… He jumped down smoothly onto the fire escape attached to the side of the building without making a noise and watched the alleyway below him. His eyes could pick out the slightest movement in the darkest surroundings. The sounds of the night time were all around him; cars in the distance, soft music from the open window of a bedroom. He tuned in closer, somewhere nearby.

Two heartbeats. Two human heartbeats.

He decided to check it out.

The End

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