Ice Cold Love {Working Title}Mature

Being stalked on a Monday night was not exactly what I had had in mind.

The unsettling feeling had latched onto me pretty much as soon as I had left the cinema. I still couldn’t erase the feeling of Jackson’s lips on mine, but it wasn’t the normal butterfly-happy sensation I usually got. It was…panicked. He was a little more, ahem, insistent this time. The only thing stopping him from ripping his clothes off were the people sat in front of us casting us judgemental glances every now and then. Hey, if I could have stopped him, I would have. But I’m not strong enough. I didn’t want to look like the girl who couldn’t even share a kiss with her boyfriend.

He had offered to walk me home, but I was afraid of what would happen if he did, so I told him I was going to catch a taxi. The truth was I needed to be alone. I needed to feel the cool night air upon my skin, to clear my thoughts and set things straight.

The chill in the air made me tug my jacket tighter round my body and quicken my pace slightly. Tendrils of ice began to creep along my spine and a tight ball began to settle in my stomach. I had a completely unnerving feeling that I was being watched.

Or followed.

I cast a glance behind me but was greeted with an empty road. It was probably just my paranoid mind playing tricks on me.

I darted down a little side road, not the smartest move I know, but it was the quickest way back to my house.

I hadn’t gotten more than ten paces when I heard a familiar voice calling my name.

I whirled round in surprise.

Jackson was stood there staring at me, with the wildest look in his eyes. Relief that it wasn’t a psychopath intent on murdering me flooded my mind, but there was also the sense of unease. He looked…different. His usually compassionate green eyes were staring at me with some sort of animalistic lust I had never seen before. His body was tensed and the muscles in his jaw were flexing.

‘Jesus, you scared me. What are you doing here?’

‘I’m sorry Poppy I…’ he relaxed slightly and I allowed myself to breathe. ‘I thought you were catching a taxi home?’ Something mischievous glinted in his eyes.

‘I was short on cash. The walk isn’t that far,’ I reassured him.

‘I had to make sure you got home alright,’ he took a step closer to me and my heart thumped anxiously. Why was he being so weird?

‘Well um, thanks. It’s not creepy or anything,’ I laughed nervously and he smiled quickly, taking another step closer to me.

‘I had fun tonight.’

‘Yeah, me too. Listen, I really have to get home. My parents are gonna be wondering where I am and-’

He held up a hand to cut me off before he carried on speaking.

‘But then I thought to myself, why does the fun have to end now?’

My stomach dropped.

‘What are you talking about Jackson? I have to go…’

Suddenly he was directly in front of me, pinning me against the wall. I cried out sharply in shock as he grabbed my wrists. The smell of alcohol on his breath was almost overpowering.

‘You’re drunk? When did this happen?’

Now that he was closer, I could see the wilderness in his eyes had changed to a dazed vacancy, one that occupies a drunken mind. I could tell he was beyond reasoning with.

‘I had a couple of drinks before we went to see that film, which was awful. Then I got some more from the off-licence. Then… I decided I needed to see you.’

I tried throwing him off but he was too strong. I had never seen this side to him before and it was beginning to scare me. Not only was he acting completely out of character, but I had just discovered he may or may not have a drinking problem. This night was beginning to rapidly go downhill.

‘Can we just talk about this in the morning? You’re drunk and you need to sober up.’ I once again tried to struggle away from him, but he was determined. I was causing more pain for myself, with each movement I made to get away, his grip only tightened. ‘You’re hurting me.’ Panic was really beginning to set in now.

Suddenly, his mouth was upon mine and he was kissing me fervently. Sloppy, careless kisses with force and the lust I had seen earlier manically taking charge.

‘What are you doing Jackson? Get off!’

My instincts were screaming at me to get him off me but no matter how hard I tried, his strength was too much. He began clawing at my top, his hands reaching underneath.

He isn’t going to stop… The dawning realization of how much danger I was really in seemed to give me some renewed strength and then I started to scream for help, my eyes damp with tears. Fear, ice cold fear and paralyzing panic began to consume me whole.

‘HELP!’ I cried for all it was worth. ‘SOMEONE HELP!’

The End

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