Ice cold.Mature

When nothing goes right... everything goes wrong.

The snow covered trees sway softly in the cool breeze as it hits your bare skin. You shudder slightly as you feel each tiny sensation against every part of your bare body. You knew it would be cold outside yet for some reason, there you stand, in nothing at all. The air caresses your body seductively and even though another shudder runs up your spine subtly you still walk out further into the cold weather hoping that within it some warmth will rise up from within you.


You feel you’re feet begin to sink into the snow inch by slow inch as it begins to consume you. Suddenly you feel your chest start to go cold as the snow hits your nerves. The jolt of cold runs throughout your veins, cooling your blood and the cool blood rushes to your heart, slowly devouring you in its selfish-ness.


You look towards the horizon and see the sun begin to slowly set and as you do so a big tree catches your eyes. There’s something wrong with this tree though, its completely green, no snow has touched it at all, its almost as if it is calling out to you, acting as a safe haven from this devilish weather.


You stare ahead and go to move you’re foot forwards, but you didn’t realize that the snow had already proclaimed your legs as its own and has begun to dig your grave with haste as if it couldn’t wait to suck the warmth from you.


The wind begins to pick up, and what was a lovely breeze quickly turns into a harsh one, snow flakes hailing at your body harshly causing red marks to appear on impact.


You attempt to move your feet once again, but still fail as the snow continues to build up. You stare ahead of yourself, staring at your only hope of survival, the green tree in the distance. It seems as though you will never reach it though.


A little girl suddenly appears beside the tree, dressed in a plain white gown going down to her ankles, she’s no older then eight. Her brown hair glistens in the slight sunlight as the sun continues to endeavor even further into the ground and even though you are far away from her, you can see her hazel eyes brightly. She extends her arm out towards you, and you do so as well.


Its useless… you know it there’s no way you will get to the haven across the field of white. You’re breathe becomes weak as you begin to gasp for every little breathe you can acquire. By now the snow flakes have gotten worse and they start to become one big wall of white. Surely enough… in time… you wont be able to see the island of hope staring you down from across the field.


The little girls voice echoes in the distance, “hold on…”


That’s all you hear before you can see no more. The sun is gone completely yet all you can see is white. 


You hear a woman’s voice echo in the distance, “Darling its time to come inside.”


The voice is familiar; you know it all too well. It’s your mother’s voice, calling out to someone… to that little girl… to you.


You go to move your arms and attempt to get through the snow again but this time there is some kind of force holding them back. You look down to see a white jacket around your body.


You’re arms are tied together behind your back and reality suddenly comes to you. The white walls suddenly separate into little cushions and you let out a scream of anger.


You charge the walls, hitting them hard, hurting yourself and falling onto your back. You look down to the ground beneath you and see the new red stain of blood adorning the white ground. Your blood. You hear footsteps as people run in and you begin to move with even more harsh movements, kicking and screaming even louder then before.


You feel a sharp pain in your left arm and look over to see someone in white standing over you with a needle in their hand.


That’s the last thing you see before the white consumes you again… you’re stuck right back in that same spot. Within the cold harsh snow, snow flakes hailing against your soft bare skin, its never going to stop. Never.

The End

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