The Swordfight ~ Chapter Incomplete

Lightning flashed, lighting up the night sky as the two swords met.  It glittered briefly through Damiane's sword, turning into a great many rainbows, before it disappeared into a boom of thunder.  Damiane folded her feathered wings back into her body as a raindrop, like a tear, fell on her cheek.  She ducked as Lucent swung his metal sword, reinforced with Magic, over her.  She thrust her own sword, also strengthened by Magical means, forward towards him.  He blocked her blow moments before it would've made contact, and took a step back.  Her pure-diamond blade, with a small black diamond as the tip, cut through the air again as she held the hilt, with gemstones embedded in it, with her right hand.

Had Lucent's sword not been reinforced with Magic, it would have broken after its first meeting with Damiane's, for are not diamonds the hardest substance on Earth?  Damiane had also discovered the one and only black diamond, the hardest of them all, and, in the forging by Magic of her blade, she had made it the tip of her sword and she was now able to cut through nearly anything without a great deal of effort.

Damiane now danced gracefully backward, always just barely out of reach, as Lucent swung at her with undisguised hatred and rage.  Damiane blocked two bad blows, angered and rushed, and then swung, thrust, and, with a twist of her wrist, disarmed her opponent.  Furious now, but thinking slightly clearer, Lucent raised his arms up, and as he did the rain, which was coming down more steadily, turned to ice over their heads, relentlessly pelting them with shards of insant pain.

Damiane, however, had her own powers and the air around her was quickly engulfed in fire as another clap of thunder sounded from overhead.  The ice quickly melted and fell as harmless rain into the flames.  Lucent, angry that he was the only one getting hit with the sleet, quickly drew all the moisture in the air together and pushed it forward to surround Damiane.  Then quickly, he dropped the temperature to trap her in a solid block of ice.

The End

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