The Timekeeper

She spread her wings, black feathers covering the white ones so as to hide them in the night, stopping her free-fall swan dive moments before hitting the ground.  She hovered for a moment, preparing to land.  She sensed it first, that instinct that something was wrong, that she was in danger.  She rolled in the air, and not a moment too soon, for she actually felt the wind the arrow made as it whizzed past her, through the spot she had been hovering only moments before.  Immediately her aura flared, the air around her burning with her rage.  How dare he attack her so close to her home base!  She drew her diamond sword as a clap of thunder sounded, not far off.  "Lucent!" she shouted to the night around her.

"Is that your best counterattack, shouting my name?"  The voice came calmly out of the darkness.

"If you make a witty comeback like that one, at least I know your location."

"True, very true.  But that matters not.  I had already given away the direction by sending the arrow your way.  The only thing that matters now is that object on the ground between us."

"The Timekeeper is not for sale.  Sorry.  Try the general store in that town to the east.  They may have some."

"Oh, so funny.  I believe however, that this particular one is...a one of a kind.  Besides, I don't plan on buying, just taking it."

"And how, may I ask, are you going to do that with me standing here?"

"Kill you, of course."

"I'd like to see you try."

"You just might get your chance."

"What are you waiting for?  Open target, right here."

"You have a sword ready, in case you forgot."

"Okay, not-so-open target.  Good luck!"

And the sword fight began.

The End

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