Ice Blue, Fire Red

The story of an evil man searching for world domination and a mysterious lady striving to protect the only thing left she has to care about - Earth - and their fight over the precious objects that will lead to the destruction or salvation of our planet.

She stood atop the tallest tower of the black castle, scanning the ground below as lightning flashed and thunder boomed in the distance.  The wind whipped through her fiery red hair as her ice-blue eyes peirced the surrounding darkness.  Suddenly, as the stormclouds parted slightly to allow a sliver of moonlight through, she saw it, shining briefly in the night.  She froze, memorizing its position as the bitter wind swept the clouds back over the moon.  Entirely focused on the spot where she had seen it, she took a deep breath and leapt off the tower toward the ground, many yards below.

The End

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