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She had turned her back on me. On our community. I didn’t feel anger or rage or even like I wanted to throw Fire at her – not that it would do her any harm; her heart is so cold she would kill my power just by looking at it – I felt betrayed and hurt and disappointed mostly. By best friend was cavorting with mortals? It made me sick to my stomach. I wanted to go in there and slap her pretty face. I wanted to humiliate her in front of those humans she calls her boyfriend and friends! I wanted to walk in there and pull her out of there.

Yes, that was what I was going to do. I am going to walk in there and yank her out of there. I don’t care if she hates me after. We’re immortal; we need to stick together, why she doesn’t ever think I do not know!

I took a step forward into the bowling alley but my heart seized up. I had a strange clamping feeling on my heart which I couldn’t seem to let go of. Why was my heart doing this? I needed to speak to Moira. Fast. I had a flashback of the time someone had tried to rape her after work in a back alley. I walked up to the bastard and gave him what for. She hadn’t ever wanted to talk about that fearful night but I knew she dreamed of it sometimes – because so did I and I could sense it.

You can’t save her all the time, my mind roared at me. Let her make her mistakes, it’s the only way she will ever learn. I took a deep breath and turned my heels around heading back to my Porsche. I needed to be away from Aislinn for a bit.


I drove so fast that everything was a soft blur out my window. Without realising it I had ended up outside Moira’s house. It wasn’t big and it wasn’t small. I guess you could say it was perfect – like her.

“Martin, a pleasant yet unexpected surprise. How may I help you at this time of night?” Her voice was musical, literally. It was as if she wasn’t even there, like a wisp of my smoke burning into air, floating through endless winds and passing by a naked eye.

“Cut the crap Moira, you know I was coming. You can sense us.” I walked into her house and plonked myself on the couch. Moira never called her house a home – she didn’t see life like that, for her, life was merely what it was. She had no issue about things like Aislinn did. Aislinn wanted a home; she wanted the personal stuff… the memories. I wish I could give her them, he can’t.

“Okay okay, I was jus trying to be cool.”

“Yeah, well, don’t.”

“Hm, fine. What’s up anyway?” Why did she have to be so annoying?

“M, you know why I am here. Aislinn. She’s off with that idiot mortal! She belongs to me; she’s my soul mate… not his.”

“Martin, you love her right? So just tell her how you feel. The worst she could say is no.” Moira had a point. She always had a point. I just don’t see how telling her would make any difference. She’s head over heels for him. It saddens me.

“There is a point. If she knew she could make up her own mind and decide accordingly. Talk to her Martin, you’ve been best friends forever; and you always will be.” Moira winked at me with the logic of her own words. I smiled and walked towards my car. I needed to talk to her. Just talk.




Before I could say ‘I love you’ I was already out of my car and headed towards our apartment that we shared. I could sense her inside. They must have finished bowling by now and was at home relaxing with some ice cream and a movie. Perfect. I smiled to myself knowing that this could go in my favour and she’d forget about that idiot.


As I walked in through the door there was a musty sort of smell mixed in with Aislinn’s usual earthy scent she mixed herself. Patchouli and sandalwood. I walked in and called her name in my heart, she could always hear me.

“Mmm stop it.” I heard her voice and giggles coming from her room and I smiled following the sound in my head and ears. I got to her bedroom door and stood there smiling before I knocked. I could smell her through the cedar.

“Why.” A male’s voice. My eyes turned black. I could feel it. My smile vanished and a low snarl reverberated through my body. I slammed the door open to see Aislinn and Gary half naked on her bed. My mind flickered like static on a television. I felt like throwing up. They both stared up at me, I could feel Aislinn’s heart beating wildly and Gary just looked amused. Whereas Aislinn looked shocked… hurt… guilty. I didn’t care. I turned on my heel and for the third time tonight I would be running away from a situation.

“No, Martin wait… it isn’t what it looks like.” I didn’t bother arguing with her, I turned to look at her with pain and disappointment evident in my eyes. She looked straight into them and was visibly scared. I had emotionally slapped her in the face; and I was glad to have done it.

The End

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