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ONE - aislinn


“Martin please, you’re my best friend, and you always have been. Support me in this; the rest of our damned community doesn’t but I don’t care about what they think – I care about what you think.” My grey eyes looked deep into Martins brown eyes. His eyes were such a dark brown they looked black and mysterious – even though I knew everything about him. There was always a glimmer of secrecy in them.

“Ash, I don’t know… I mean, he’s mortal. It isn’t normal for you, for us! We’re different. People will talk – not just us either, they will too.” Martin’s eyes held an odd gaze in them which I couldn’t quite place but I didn’t like how his voice was becoming strained. He sensed something and I could see his eyes swirling with the heat that radiated deep within.


There is something you must know about Martin and I, and our community. We’re immortal and there aren’t many of us. Up to 30,000 of us were killed ten years ago in a destructive wave by humans. They hate us. The mortals.

We were born with powers; powers which made us immortal. We held traits of the five elements of the Earth. Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Spirit.  Martin and I had friends with these powers too.


Peta had the ability to manipulate the Earth. He used to come over to the flat - which Martin and I shared – regularly to replenish our plants which had been not looked after all that well. He liked to control the scents of rooms too by using Earth. Whenever Peta entered my place a smell of freshly cut grass lingered in the air. Peta’s ability to summon and manipulate Earth was extraordinary. He held the magic in his heart with such reverence and humility that I stumbled on my words when I saw him mediate. Peta had amazing green and brown eyes – which bound him to the Earth. They changed colour all the time like a swirling ocean. When he first discovered his gift he was extremely angry, that’s why his eyes have never stuck to one colour. His hair was dirty blonde and his sharp angular features made him look scary. An Earth affinity was uncommon in men in our community. It was a feminine element; mainly associated with the Goddess. It is fertile and stable. Peta was the God of birth, life, death and rebirth. Peta was always nurturing. When I had first found out my power in school, Peta had come and stuck by my side along with Martin. A rock was thrown at my face, which left a scar above my left eyebrow. He had healed all the blood away from my face and made my hatred towards humans fade. He was defiantly the rock in our group.


Moira could summon Spirit and ask for help whenever needed. I remember when she first discovered it. We were in a math test and she couldn’t remember the equations for a triangle, so she pleaded for help – next thing she knew all the answers were floating in mid air for only her to see. Moira was the centre of our friendship – her love bound us all together in a unique bond. Her skin was waxen like the moon, and her hair was platinum blonde. The first time I saw her, I thought I had died and she was the angel of brilliant white light that had come to guide me to heaven. Moira’s eyes were that of pale pink, like a flowering almond.


Sara had the ability to control the Air. Sara was probably the most magnificent person who had the power of Air I had ever seen. Her mouse brown hair contrasted well with her marble skin. Her eyes were ocean blue; when you looked into them you could see the trials and tribulations she had gone through in life. Sara was an amazing person. Her heart was as big as her head – I’ll explain later. Sara’s essence always blew away my troubles and strife. About her head – it resembles the bobble heads that you’d find at the local markets.


Martin was my best friend, his element was Fire. I loved him dearly. We’d known each other since we were in kindergarten. He was roughly 6ft 6 and had messy dark brown hair. His bronze skin always glistened in the sun and his dark brown eyes were like onyx. They changed colour depending on his mood. If he was angry they could start to blaze red and yellow like a forest fire and then immediately change to a golden ochre shade as if there was a small candle flickering in his iris. His ability to heal and harm things was incredible. Martin could bring out new life and destroy the old and worn. Ever since we were younger I had always sensed something moving about Martin. We connected really well even though our elements were meant to repel us – we had become best friends as soon as we layed eyes on each other. When I was hit on the head with a rock in kindergarten I remember Martins eyes had turned to blood red from their usual dark brown. It was frightening but enticing at the same time. It’s what made me want to know him even more. I was curious about him; he and I were the same.


As for me, I’m Aislinn; and I’m water, but people prefer to call me Ice because I like to manipulate water a lot. Our miniature group is the strongest of all immortals. We didn’t have a name for our group because it seemed pointless. We were just close friends who shared a passion for summoning and controlling elements. Martin and I outvoted everyone when it came to power. Along with Water and Fire – we could join our minds and summon Spirit. In times of great need we could hear each other in our minds. Telepathic powers. Our community praised us – they wanted us to join their ‘clans’ but we were never interested. My skin was a shade darker than Martins bronze skin which made my grey eyes look whiter and more menacing. Something I liked. It made people squirm.


“What’s wrong?” I scanned the area, trying to find a puddle or some water to build up an ice wall.  

Just then Gary had come round the corner with a few of his friends.

“Nothing.” Martin said quietly, for only my ears. I sent him a look but thought nothing of it.

Some of Gary’s friends stopped in their tracks after seeing Martin and I but Gary had a big smile plastered on his face and kept walking towards us. I felt my heart beat faster and I let go of all my predatory senses. As I walked up to him he engulfed me in his long arms. They weren’t as burly as Martins or tanned but they were strong enough for me.

“Hey babe.” Gary kissed the top of my head and looked into my icy eyes.

“Hey Gary.” I smiled into his face and leaned towards him. He glanced sideways at Martin but his attitude didn’t waver.

“Should we go?”

“Yep!” I popped the p on my word and Gary and I danced off to the bowling arena.

When I entered the bowling alley I realise I had turned my back on Martin… shit!

The End

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