Icarus Complex

"Run!" Michaela Jenson screamed.
"My God, they're everywhere!" said Jenna Crane.
"We have to get to higher-ground - City Hall maybe," Christine Penner added.

Jenna agreed, "Cyrus and James are there with crossbows, it maybe our only hope!"

The chasers poured out of the concrete jungle, now torn and broken - charred and scorched after years of pillage and nuclear fallout.  Their grey flesh dropped over crooked broken bones - their eyes were milky white, and lips stained perpetually red.  Dispite their haphazard posture, Chasers were immune to pain, and faster than they looked.

They'd been warned against heading out beyond the wire-gate.  And now that they were in full flight, without getting their hands on any power boxes to show for their effort, Michaela probably should have heeded Cyrus' warning. 

"I should go with you, Mick.  Chasers everywhere - they'll chase ya down, and chew you up!" Cyrus had been adament.

"Just because we're women doesn't mean we can't contribute. I'm tired of sitting in the bunker!  We have to do SOMETHING," she'd said.

With burning legs hopping over fallen shelters, ancient light standards, and four-wheeled machines, long rusted and stripped for parts, she was willing to admit that Cyrus may have been right.

The women took Sharpe street West, and dodged among vehicular husks when they were stopped by more Chasers rushing from up ahead.

"Christ!" Jenna pointed, "More of 'em"
"How many are there?" from Christine.
"Hundreds,"  from Michaela, "we have to get out of here."
"What about the sewers," Christine tried, gnawing on her bottom lip.  The groans from the chasers were becoming too close.

Michaela's eyes searched, and found a manhole near the intersection, "There!"

"Can't they follow us?" Jenna followed her two companions as they bolted back towards Main St.

"We should be able to outrun them down there.  WE need only get to the Sheppard Street junction," Michaela pointed Westward.

"Right," Christine agreed, "There's an old subway station there .. we can make a run for it from there."

"If we're lucky, we'll see some Reapers along the way." Christine finished, helping Michaela with the manhole cover.  With a grunt, it came loose, and the ladies tossed it aside with a ear-shattering clang.   For a second or two, the approaching Chasers halted in their run, to screech a protest and cover their ears.

"That's new!" Jenna said.
"Ya... what the..." Michaela stared for a long second before she was prompted by Jenna to move down below the street.

Christine was last, as she heaved at the cover to shut the way.
"Forget about it, Chris!" shouted Jenna.  "It's too damned heavy!"
"I think I can pull it shut," there was a noticable strain in her voice.

"LEAVE IT," Michaela made to climb back up the ladder, when a blood-curddling scream came from overhead, and a spray of blood showered over Michaela's face.

Her face split into a look of horror, and her scream was caught in her throat, just as Christine's body was hefted from the mouth of the sewer-way, and mutilated by the horde of chasers that consumed her flesh.

Jenna pulled at her, and her body went rigid and shook, "no.. NO!" Michaela's voice was frantic but muted by Jenna's hand closed over her mouth.
"She's dead, Mick!  Do you hear me!?"
Michaela looked at her hands, soaked with crimson, and she made quick business of the smear of Christine's blood over her face.  "Get it off, GET IT OFF!' she said, spitting on the sewer floor, trying in vain to rid her mouth of the coppery taste that stung her tongue.

Jenna rubbed her face with her sleeve, as she desperately tried to dry her hands.  She could not stop shaking.  "We should ..." she pointed up and took a firm grip of the ladder once again.  She could not bring herself to think her friend of 10 years was dead. There had to be a way to save her.

"No!" Jenna pulled her free, and pressed herself again Michaela, "We move forward, Mick.  We run our asses off, that way," she jabbed a bloody finger westward, "We do exactly what we said we'd do.  Head for Sheppard Station and on to City Hall,"

Michaela's panic stricken heart began to slow, as the plan gave her something OTHER than Christine to focus on.  SHe embraced the plan completely.  Blinking rapidly, trying to shutter the vision of the torn body being ripped about away from the sewer's mouth.

"Find Cyrus!" She nodded.
"That's right. Or Reapers if we're lucky." Jenna nodded, and took Mick's face in her hands, forcing their eyes to meet, "Are you with me, hon?"

A shadow spilled into the sewer.  Chasers had made short work of Christine, and sought more flesh.

"Yes," Michaela Jenson nodded, "Find Cyrus!"
"We have to run, now!" Jenna urged, releasing her friend.
"Ya," Mick's eyes searched ahead, "We have to RUN!'

And with that, the two remaining ladies ran into darkness - the chasers not far behind.

The End

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