Episode 4: Genesis (Part IV)

Genesis, Part IV

Cid groaned in pain as his face hit the mat for the umpteenth time. F***! I’ve been doing this for three weeks and I still can’t block his punches! I can see his hands, but it’s like my body won’t follow in time!Cid mumbled to himself as he yet again picked himself off of the ground. 

            “Cid, you’ve got to learn tosee!Read and react Cid! Read AND react!” King screamed. 

            Cid took a defensive stance. 

            “On your guard!” King bellowed as he launched himself at Cid.

            The blur that was King’s hands yet again connected with Cid’s skull, knocking him down.  Standing over the downed Cid, King shook his head in disappointment.  “Comeon, Cid! I know you can do this! You already stopped me once! Remember that day at the hospital? Youstoppedme.  You did it without thinking! Don’t think! React! Remove yourself from your conscious mind!” King yelled.

            Once again, Cid took his stance.  He took a deep breath.Don’t think Cid… Don’t… think about it…he told himself.

            King’s face contorted into a twisted smile, and he launched himself at Cid again. 

            This time, his movements seemed slower.  His hands were finally visible.  In one swift, seamless motion, Cid raised his hands, parried King’s strikes, and flipped King over his head. 

            King grunted in pain as his back hit the floor, followed by the rest of his body.  Almost immediately, he started laughing.  “Goooooood! Goooooood! THAT was what I was trying to get you to do! Congratulations! You just passed your first test!” he stated excitedly.

           I did it… I finally did it… How did I do that?Cid asked himself as he reflected over the most recent string of events. 

            King stood up and dusted himself off.  “You are free to leave for today.   If I’m correct, you have school in two hours,” he stated.

            “Yeah, I do.  ItisFriday, ya know,” Cid stated, already halfway out the door.


            A few hours later, Cid strolled into Mr. Gordon’s class.Wow… I still can’t believe that I’m not the last person to class nowadays.  Then again, I also find it weird that I’m actually catching the bus nowadays. He told himself as he took his seat.

            Kids soon began entering the room.  Cid noticed that almost all the kids avoided him nowadays, as if he was the plague.  Some of the kids who were “caring” enough managed to give him a concerned look before sitting down. It’s strange how tragedy alienates people…Cid told himself.

Eventually, after a few other students arrived, Celine and Ronnie entered the room. 

            Celine took her seat.  Ronnie began drawing a fat, fire-breathing dragon on the board.  He labeled it “Gordon”. 

            “Hey Cid, how are you?” Celine asked.

            “I’m fine, for the most part,” Cid stated in response.

            “Well that’s good, I guess.  What’s your guardian like?” Celine asked.

            “Well… Personally,Ithink he’s crazy.  But I’m getting to school on time nowadays, so it can’t be that bad.  I just wish that he knew how to cook more than tofu…” Cid stated with a slight chuckle.

            After a moment of silence, Cid noticed that Celine was staring at him.

            “What?” he asked.

            “Cid… I’m worried about you.  You just don’t look the same as you did before the… um…incident.You don’t have that light in your eyes anymore.  I hate to point out the obvious, but I’m just worried.  Cid, are you sure you’re okay?” Celine asked.

           No… I’m not okay.  My parents were brutally murdered.  No one seems to realize that they were murdered.  I have no one to talk to because they’ll think I’m crazy.  Even worse, I now live with a psychotic jerk that seems to get some kind of sick satisfaction from beating the living s*** out of me every morning.  No… I’m not okay.  I currently hate my life…Cid told himself, but the words that came out of his mouth sounded more like “I’m fine…”

            Celine frowned and began removing books from her backpack.  “I guess I’ll just drop it then,” she stated rather harshly. 

After Ronnie had finished his masterpiece, he took his seat. 

“Dude, what did you do?” Ronnie asked, having quickly noticed Celine’s obviously flustered temperament. 

“I don’t want to talk about it, Ronnie,” Cid stated.

“Dude, I was just askin’,” Ronnie responded, throwing up his hands as if to deflect blame from himself.

            After a few more minutes and a few more students entered the classroom, Mr. Gordon entered.  He took one look at the board, picked an eraser from the millions that adorned the board, and erased the entire drawing in one sweep.  Without addressing the class, he dove into his lecture.

            “Cid. CID!!!” Ronnie “whispered”.           

            Cid noticed that he was staring blankly out the window.  “Hmmm?” he responded, still lost in his own thoughts.

            “Dude, what’s eating you man?  You just seem so spaced out nowadays,” Ronnie asked.

            Cid stared blankly at the floor.

            “Cid? Okay, f*** it,” Ronnie stated, returning to his sketching on his desk.

           Snap out of it Cid… You’re alienating your two best friends, and it’s been a month already.  It’s not like you were THAT close to your parents… You can’t get all doomy, gloomy whenever someone mentions what happened…he told himself.

            “But they were still my parents…” Cid whispered.

            “What did you say?” Celine and Ronnie both asked.

            At that moment, a boy entered the classroom.  His spiky hair stood up on his head, and he had piercings in his eyebrow and nostril.  He had a look on his face that was a mix of apprehension and despair.

            The guidance counselor entered behind him.  She motioned for Mr. Gordon to join her.  Once he had joined her, they held a brief discussion, and the counselor left.

            With a sigh, Mr. Gordon addressed the class.  “This is Jason Hiragazawa.  He’s new to this school and will be attending this class for the rest of the school year.  Please introduce yourself, Jason,” he commanded.

            Jason shot the teacher a wary look, and then began speaking.  “My name is Jason Hiragazawa.  I am 15 years old and before today I went to Bethlehem High,” he stated.  He then glided over to an empty seat and sat down without another word.

            Celine turned to Cid.  “Isn’t Hiragazawa the name of that crime organization? I’m pretty sure it is.  I’m going to do some research on it,” she stated.

            “Yeah,” Cid stated.



            After school was over, Cid, Celine, and Ronnie met up to walk home.

            “So, what do you guys think about that Jason Hiramawhatsit kid? He seemed kinda weird to me,” Ronnie stated. 

            “He seems like a pretty shy kid.  I bet he switches schools a lot,” Celine stated.

            “Yeah,” Cid stated quietly.

            “Ashley!!!!” Ronnie screamed at the top of his lungs, spotting Ashley Jones, the girl from Costarini’s, halfway down the street.  When she didn’t respond, Ronnie took off after her.  “I’ll see you guys tomorrow!” he screamed back at Cid and Celine.  Celine was about to call for him to come back, but he was already halfway up the street.

            “Wow… I can’t believe he just did that…” Celine muttered. “Okay, zombie-boy.  It’s just me and you now. Let’s go,” she declared, grabbing Cid by the collar and dragging him along.

            “Wait… Celine… I can walk on my own,” Cid mumbled, unsuccessfully trying to remove himself from Celine’s grasp.


            After Celine had dragged Cid a couple of blocks, they stopped and she let him go.  “Okay, we’re in the sketchy part of town now. It’s getting dark too. Time to wake up!” she stated, quickly slapping Cid’s face a few times.

            Before Celine could slap him a third time, Cid caught her wrist. “Okay, Okay, Celine! I get it! Stop moping…” he mumbled.

            Celine smiled.  She seemed oddly radiant to Cid, as if she was trying to be happy for the both of them.  “Yes! Stop moping! You got it! Okay I can go home now.  I took a detour, because I thought it would take longer than this,” she stated.

            “So you took us to the bad part of town?” Cid asked, quickly surveying his surroundings.Why do I have that chill in my spine again? It’s that same one that I had before I stepped into King’s house…Cid told himself as he took notice of the obvious lack of people on the street.

            “I’m just slightly directionally challenged, Cid.  But let’s get out of here. I’m getting goose bumps…” Celine stated, trailing off during her last statement.

            “Yeah, me too,” Cid stated in response. 

            They turned to leave, but they bumped into a man. I thought there weren’t any people on this street?Cid told himself.

            His heart sank as he noticed the large knife in the man’s hand, as well as the numerous other figures stepping out of the shadows.  Celine let out a quiet gasp as she quickly took notice of the situation.  She grabbed Cid’s arm for support.

            The man with the knife smiled a maniacal smile, revealing rows of rotten teeth and blackened gums. 

            Something about the man rubbed Cid the wrong way.Maybe it’s the knife or the spooky entourage.  Five… six… seven people, not counting the man with the knife.  Cid told himself.  “Can we help you?” he asked the man, trying to sound stronger than the sudden weakness in his legs and gut suggested.

            The man just held out his hand, the one without the knife.  “Wallets, money, everything…” he demanded in a raspy voice.  Meanwhile, the crowd was slowly closing in on them.

            Cid emptied his pockets and tossed him everything, including his backpack.  Celine tossed the man her purse and her own backpack, never letting go of Cid’s arm.  That’s when Cid noticed that the man was eyeing Celine.

            “I want the girl too,” the man demanded with a suggestive smile.  This elicited a few dark chuckles from the surrounding group of thieves.

            “Cid…” Celine whispered in fear from behind his back.

            The next series of events occurred in a total of thirty seconds.  Cid launched himself at the man, knocking his knife into the air.  Cid quickly disappeared into the shadows.  The other members of the crowd, amazed at the speed at which Cid moved, were frozen with fear.  When a gray blur reappeared from the shadows and took out three more of their numbers, full scale panic ensued.  One pulled out a gun and began shooting, accidentally hitting another in the leg.  The gunshot victim cursed his partner in pain while the gray blur quickly disabled his partner.  One jumped the fence, disappearing into the night.  The final one took hold of Celine.

            “CIIIDD!!!!” she screamed as the man covered her mouth with his hands.

            The final man surveyed his surroundings.  “Hey kid! If you don’t want anything to happen to this gir-“ he declared, unable to finish his sentence because Cid had landed on top on the man, freeing Celine from his grasp.

            Cid connected a quick and malicious punch to the man’s jaw, quickly dispatching him.

            Frozen from shock, Celine found herself staring at Cid as he rose to his feet.  They both surveyed the scene, which consisted of six unconscious men and one that was grabbing at his leg and screaming in pain. 

            “Call 911,” Cid stated quietly.

            “How did youdothat?” Celine asked as she retrieved her purse, removed her phone, and began dialing the number.

            “I don’t know,” Cid stated. All I did was read and react, like King taught me to do.  Did I really just take outsevengrown men? This morning I just barely connected a punch on King, and here I am beating up a gang of grown men like I’m some kind of superhero or something…

            “Yes, I’m on Briarwood Street.  No, I don’t know where exactly, it’s dark,” Celine mumbled in the phone.

            After a brief exchange, Celine hung up the phone.  “The cops are on their way.  They might be a minute though.  I did say that this was the rough part of town. Even the cops avoid it,” she stated.

            “We need to go home,” Cid stated.

            “We aren’t going to talk to the cops? Cid, we just got mugged. We should talk to the cops,” Celine suggested.

            Cid’s eyes narrowed.  “And how do we explain how all seven of these guys got knocked out?  Don’t forget, we don’t have any scratches on us.  Are we just going to tell them that I flew around like a superdude and knocked them all out?” he asked her in response.

            Celine lowered her eyes.  “Yeah, you’re probably right.  Let’s just get out of here,” she said, walking back in the direction that they had entered the street from.

            “Yeah,” Cid responded, following her off the street.

            After about thirty minutes of walking, during which neither Cid nor Celine spoke due to shock from the whole incident, the two arrived at Celine’s house.

            “Cid…?” Celine asked.

            “Yes?” Cid responded quietly.

            “Thank you… I don’t know how you did it, but you saved my life tonight,” Celine stated.

            “I don’t know how I did it either, Celine, but I guess you’re welcome.  We just got lucky I guess!” Cid said with a smile and a chuckle.

            He quickly noticed that Celine was staring at him again.  There was a slight twinkle in her eyes.  “What?” he asked.

            “You’re laughing,” she stated with a radiant smile.

            “I am, aren’t I? Adrenaline?” Cid asked.

            “I dunno, maybe,” Celine responded. 

            After they shared a good laugh, Celine wrapped her arms around Cid in an awkward looking hug.  “Goodnight Cid,” she said as she turned toward her house.

            Cid found himself staring at Celine’s door a few minutes after she had entered the house. Did I really just save our lives back there? How the heck did I justsave our livesback there?Cid asked himself.

            Returning to reality, Cid began the walk back to his own house.


            Upon entering the penthouse, he noticed that apparently no one was home. King must be out.Cid told himself.Should I tell him what just happened?He asked himself before ultimately deciding not to.  Once he entered his room, he flopped on his bed.  It didn’t take him long to fall asleep.


            After defense training with King the following morning, which consisted of Cid downing the much larger King numerous times (“I think I’m getting the hang of this,” Cid told his disgruntled mentor), Cid decided to leave the house to “hang out with friends”. 

           I’ve got to figure out what happened last night…Cid told himself.

            Upon catching the bus to the inner city, Cid quickly located a deserted alley.  Upon entering the alley, Cid found himself staring at a brick wall. 

           Okay, how does a person find out they have super powers? They climb on walls, that’s how!He told himself.

            Placing both hands on the wall, he began climbing.Hey! I can climb walls!Cid told himself.  At that moment, his hands and feet slipped and he hit the ground… hard. 

            “Yeow!” Cid screamed as he grabbed his back. Oh my gosh.  I feel like I got hit by a truck!  No… I feel like a fat guy sat on me, followed by a buff guy hitting me with a hammer, followed by a truck hitting me.  No… I feel like a fat, buff guy just ran me over with a truck shaped like a hammer…Cid told himself as he tried to sit up. 

            After the pain had subsided, Cid found himself staring at the wall a second time. Okay, so I can’t climb walls…he admitted.

            He turned his attention to a rail that was attached to the building about 14 feet above Cid’s head.  Cid shook his head, laughing at the audacity of it all. I can’t believe I’m doing this. 

            He crouched and jumped.  He jumped higher than he ever had before.  He jumped so high that he was actually able to grab the bar.  “Whoah!” he shouted, quickly noticing how high off the ground he was.

            Letting go of the bar, he allowed himself to fall to the ground, instinctively performing a somersault to cushion his fall.

           Did I just do a somersault? Asomersault?Cid asked himself.

Upon realizing that he had actually performed a somersault, Cid looked at the rail, which was still fourteen feet off the ground. Okay, I’ve never done a somersault before, yet I just did one.  I’ve never jumped fourteen feet off the ground before.  I don’t think anyone has before, except for maybe that guy with the magic shield.  But no REAL human has ever jumped that high, at least not that I’m aware of. Yet I just did…Cid told himself.

            Cid flexed his arms, which he quickly noticed had almost doubled in size in the past three weeks.  Sighing and shaking his head as he thought up yet another crazy idea, he wound up his arm and punched the wall.

            Searing pain echoed through his arm.  “Ow…owowowowowoww…” he muttered.

           IDIOT!!! Why the f*** would you punch a freaking wall?!?!?!  He asked himself in frustration, grabbing his wrist and writhing around in pain.  It was at this moment that he noticed a very small, almost miniscule, crack in the brick wall. 

           Did I just put a crack in a brick wall?Cid asked himself.

Realization quickly flooded Cid’s mind. 

            “Yeah, I’ve got superpowers,” Cid told himself, grinning uncontrollably at the thought.



The End

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