Iblis: A Story of an Unorthodox Hero

Cideon Rodgers was an average teen, until a tragic event leaves him waking up in the hospital. Donning the alter-ego, Iblis, he sets out into the crime filled streets of Crystal Springs to discover the source of his newfound abilities. However, he must also adjust to balancing his new identity, school, and life with his mysterious guardian, "King".

Genesis, Part I

              ♩LET’S GOOOOOOOO!!!!♩ Cideion Amadeus Rogers grappled with his alarm clock as the lyrics to his favorite song played at earsplitting volume (At least to him, that’s what it sounded like).  After managing to beat the clock into submission, which consisted of him yanking out the power cord, he groaned and rolled over in his bed.  He stared out his window as sunshine poured into his room.  He groaned again and pulled the covers over his head.

           What a lovely day, no doubt Dad is going to make me mow the lawn today.Cid sighed as he thought about the chore that was ahead of him.

            He decided that it was probably better for him to go ahead and get out of bed.  He was going to miss the bus if he didn’t hurry. 

            Cid rolled over and stared at his clock.  Panic set off. The clock read 7:30am.Alright. Somehow my alarm clock magically jumped forward thirty minutes!!! I’m going to be late for school! Again!

           Cid tumbled out of his bed, sheets and all, and onto the floor, hitting his head on his nightstand. “Ow… owwowowowowow…” he muttered in pain.  He untangled himself from his sheets and pulled himself into a standing position.  He picked up his sheets and threw them on his bed before dashing to his closet.What to wear? What to wear?Cid asked himself before finally settling on a simple black tee and blue jeans. He shot a look back to his clock. It read 8:00am. Cid groaned.School starts in 20 minutes.

           He ran to the mirror.  The thing staring back made him grimace.  His dark brown hair was in a matted frizz around his head. His dark brown eyes had bags the size ofTexas, a side effect of falling asleep at 3:00 am last night.  And there was a giant pimple on his forehead that was clearly distinguishable from the rest of his peach-colored skin. 

            He dashed into his bathroom and grabbed his brush.  He managed to mold his almost-shoulder-length hair back into his traditional hairstyle, using his bangs to cover up that pimple that was so obvious only moments ago.  He splashed water on his face and brushed his teeth to complete the procedure and then rushed back to his room.

            He grabbed his backpack and slid down the stairs. Gotta sneak past Mom.Cid thought as he tiptoed past the kitchen archway.  Cid knew that his mother was going to make him get some food for breakfast, meaning that he’d probably miss the bus.  He did NOT want to “jog” to school again. 

            A sharp, distinctly feminine voice echoed down the hallway.  The owner of the voice was the small brunette sitting at the kitchen table.   Her hair was shoulder length, and she sat with an air of sophistication about her.  Cid’s mom… 

            “And just where do you think you are going, Cideion Amadeus Rogers?” Mrs. Rogers shouted over the steady click of the keys on her work laptop.

            He had been caught.  Cid sighed and made his way over to the refrigerator.Does she always have to catch me?He asked himself. 

            After staring into the refrigerator for five minutes and not finding anything even remotely edible, Cid made his way to the pantry.  He pulled out the only box of cereal, Fiber-Os.Oh great, more Blandy-Woes.Cid told himself as he poured himself a bowl. 

            At that very moment, a man entered the room.  He was very plain looking.  His iron-gray hair was tied into a ponytail, and he wore a plain black business suit with a plain black tie.  Mr. Rogers casually strolled over to where Mrs. Rogers was sitting and gently kissed her on the cheek.  He then turned his attention to Cid. 

            “How’s my son this morning?” He said with a sparkling grin.

            Cid felt no need to hide the truth from his parents.  “I overslept and I’m probably going to miss the bus again,” he said.

            Mr. Rogers chuckled and placed his large, light brown hand on Cid’s shoulder.  “Then I guess you’d better hurry,” he said.

            The faint sound of a diesel engine roaring up Cid’s street caused his heart to drop.  It was 8:10am.  His bus was coming, and Cid was nowhere near ready. 

            “That sounds like it could be your bus!” Mr. Rogers stated excitedly.  All he needed was a foam finger and a soda drinking hat.  Seeing Cid chase after his school bus seemed to be Mr. Rogers’ favorite sport. Well, that and dog racing…

            Cid was not too fond of his father’s apparent excitement about Cid missing his bus.  Cid stood up, grabbed his bowl, dashed to the sink, and dumped it before dashing out the door. 

            He made it outside just in time to see the large cheddar-colored bus barreling down his street, with Cid and his house in the rearview mirror. 

            “ARGH!” Cid screamed in frustration.  This was the second time that he had missed his bus during the course of this school week,and it is only Tuesday,he told himself.  Cid noticed that he felt surprisingly light.  He had left his book bag in the kitchen. I guess I would have missed the bus anyways,he told himself.  He turned and stepped back into the house. 

            His father was standing in the kitchen.  His mother had disappeared. 

            “Did you miss the bus?” he asked, all the humor and amusement gone from his face.  As much as he enjoyed watching Cid chase after the bus, he always seemed to forget what missing the school bus meant.

            “Yeah,” Cid replied blankly. 

            Mr. Rogers sighed. “We really need to get you your license.  I guess I have to take you to school today, right?” he asked.

            “Yeah, I would think so,” Cid said.

            Mr. Rogers grabbed his key and walked to the garage door. “I’m in the car,” he said.

            Cid nodded and turned to retrieve his book bag from his room.  He noticed that he had left his History essay on his bed.  He would have never noticed it had he rushed out the house and caught his bus.  After thanking the homework gods for having mercy on his soul, he grabbed the paper and stuffed it in his book bag before he left the room.


            Cid arrived at school at 8:25am. Great, I’m late for Gordon’s class again.As he approached the door to his classroom, he peered inside.  Mr. Gordon, a large man with a monotonous voice and a receding hairline, was deep into a lecture and was writing on the board.  He continued writing and was seemingly oblivious to Cid’s entrance into the room. 

            Just as Cid was sitting down, Mr. Gordon abruptly paused from his speech and turned around to glare directly at Cid.

            A look of confusion spread across Cid’s face. 

            “Mr. Rogers. Do you have something for me?” He asked, tapping his desk expectantly.

            Cid stood and handed Mr. Gordon his late pass, and returned to his seat.

            Mr. Gordon cleared his throat, and continued to glare at Cid and tap his desk expectantly.

            The blonde kid that sat behind Cid (and also appeared too old for high school) smirked and tapped Cid on the shoulder. “He’s waiting for the essay we were supposed to write on genealogy. You did do one, right?” he asked.

            Cid’s eyes grew wide as he scrambled through his backpack, throwing all of its contents on the floor. He rummaged through his backpack some more, and then he rummaged through his stuff on the floor. He went back to his backpack, then back to the floor. Then the light went off in his head. He pulled a folded piece of paper from his pocket (He put it there during his way to class for easy access) and held it in the air. “Ah HAAA!!!” He exclaimed, a triumphant grin on his face.  His joy was met with a few snickers throughout the room.

            Mr. Gordon did not share in his joy. He scoffed at the condition of Cid’s paper. “Missed the bus again, did we? Well maybe you should wake up earlier.” He stated, casually tossing Cid’s paper into the trash as the words left his mouth.

            Cid’s jaw dropped to the floor. “W…?”

            “Your paper was in poor condition. I refuse to grade it. Take your seat Mr. Rogers,” Mr. Gordon commanded.

           Whattheheckjusthappenedhere?Cid’s thoughts were a mess of shock induced gibberish.  It took him a minute to realize that he was still standing in the aisle, staring at Mr. Gordon with a shocked and dumbfounded look on his face.  He didn’t awaken from his shocked stupor until a couple of his classmates starting giggling.  Feeling his face flushing, he quickly turned around and returned to his seat. 

            Before sitting down, he noticed that the blonde kid was on the brink of exploding with laughter (tears were already taking up residence in his dark blue eyes). Ultimately, the kid collected himself, scoffed, and shook his head.

            “Keep this up Cid, and your grades are going to look as bad as mine,” he stated sarcastically. Cid willed himself back to his seat. Then he put his forehead in his hands. Mr. Gordon continued with his lecture.

            The person that sat to Cid’s right, a ravishing auburn haired girl, shot the kid an ugly glare. “And how the hell is that supposed to help?” she asked. The kid shrugged and went back to drawing his comic book characters.  Celine laid a reassuring hand on Cid’s shoulder.

            Cid’s two best friends since childhood, Celine Patterson and Ronnie McCormick, were always arguing.  Ronnie’s blunt and brash attitude always seemed to clash with Celine’s nurturing, and sometimes naïve, personality.

            “Are you alright, Cid?” Celine asked.

            “I’m a little PO’ed, but other than that… I’m okay I guess,” Cid responded.

            Mr. Gordon droned on about his theories on atoms in the background…

            Ronnie started snickering again.  Cid quickly discovered what the source of it was.  Mr. Gordon has a large stain on the back of his shirt.

            Celine shushed them both before turning back to Gordon’s lecture.  She caught playful glares from Ronnie and Cid.  Seeing them both from the corner of her eye, she rolled her eyes, opened her notebook to a blank page, and scribbled something on it before passing it to Cid. 

The note read:            

You two should realllllllly pay attention.  Gordon already sent someone out of class.

          Reading the note over Cid’s shoulder, Ronnie smirked and shrugged his shoulders.  “Celine, do you see that poop stain on the back of his shirt?  That’s a category one s*** stain.  That’s a poop stain to end all poop stains,” he stated matter-of-factly. 

            Cid shook his head and tried to pay attention to the lecture.  At that very moment, a paper ball flew over Cid’s head and struck Mr. Gordon in the back of the head.  The teacher immediately turned red, and the veins in his neck began to pulsate.  He turned around and glared in Cid’s general direction.  He seemed like he was going to explode, but instead he fell completely calm.  He sighed and returned to his lecture.

            Celine shot Ronnie a wild glance, her shoulder length auburn hair flying around her head in a hurricane of fibers as she turned to faced him.  “What the heck was that for? Are you trying to get kicked out, as per usual?” She asked him.

            “Aaaaaah! Demon lady!  Hey, aren’t you a little young to be asking me those types of questions?” Ronnie whispered sarcastically. 

            Celine groaned and clenched her fingers at Ronnie.  “And it’s not a poop stain, he spilled his coffee when he came in the room,” she muttered. 

            “How are you today, Cid? Guess what? I have something for you…” she whispered, turning her attention from Ronnie to Cid.  (Ronnie seemed slightly put off by this.) She reached in her bag and pulled out a newspaper.  She showed it to Cid.  “The Crystal Springs Chronicle” and the cover story was “Man or Menace? The Paranormal Epidemic!”  Celine turned to page 5, and handed the newspaper to Cid.  Mr. Gordon seemed oblivious to all their activities, as he continued to lecture by paying his chalkboard more attention than his class.  Cid read the circled area of the page:

Crystal Springs Spotlight:  Arlena Rogers

Arlena Rogers works for the Scion Technology, a branch of the Oracle Science Center. Her team was the team that discovered the nature of paranormal abilities within humans.  Her work has proven that these paranormal powers are the result of the activation of two extra genes on the X chromosome donated by the mother, the X gene and the Z gene.

“The X-gene produces primary abilities, usually the ones that are the most easily controlled by the paranormal.  The Z-gene is the mystery here.  We have yet to unlock its capabilities, but we do know that all other powers exhibited by a paranormal, outside of the first one displayed, are the result of the Z-gene.  We also know that the Z-gene is completely dependent on the X-gene’s coding,” Rogers told us.  

When asked about the steps her team would take next, she replied “Our group goal is the further analysis of these two genes and their secrets, and although some members of our team wish to attempt to duplicate these miracles, we cannot legally attempt to manipulate
DNA at this point. 

Rogers is married with one child, and is a local resident, living on the outskirts of the city.

Diane Walker


Crystal Springs Chronicle

            Cid noticed that Celine was beaming in the seat next to him.  “I saw it when I was looking for the cover story.  Why didn’t you tell me that your mother was so famous?” she asked, her dark green eyes twinkling in admiration.

            Cid shrugged.  “I guess I never really considered it.  I’ve never known what she did when she went to work. This is news to me as well,” he replied.  He handed the newspaper back to Celine, and she put it back in her bag.

            “How do you not know what your mom does for a living?” She asked, shaking her head in disapproval. 

Cid was about to respond, but at that very moment, the bell for the end of class rang. “Lunch?” Celine asked as she turned to exit the room.  Cid nodded, and she grabbed her bag and left.

            As Cid rose to leave as well, he felt a hand on his shoulder.  “Dude, when is it going to happen?” Ronnie asked.  Cid turned around to see that Ronnie had an annoying smirk on his face. 

            “What do you mean?” Cid asked.

            “Duuuuuuude… Stop pretending like you don’t like this girl and ask her out already, because if you don’t, I will.  Have you seen her boobs?” Ronnie asked. 

            Cid shook his head. “Ronnie, when are you going to drop it? We’re just friends,” Cid said with an embarrassed smile.

            “Bull$&#%... Yall are sweet on each other, and you know it,” Ronnie stated confidently. 

            Cid shook his head and left the room, with Ronnie nagging him about Celine the entire time.




            A couple of hours later, the three of them met for lunch. Ronnie’s excuse for joining Cid and Celine was “not having anywhere else to sit”. 

            “So why don’t you know what your parents do for a living, Cid?”  Celine asked before they had completely taken their seats.

            “I’m not too close to either of them.  You know the deal.  Rich couple gets sloppy and has a kid.  Outside of the basics, I can’t say I spend too much time with them.  They’re always busy,”  Cid said in response.

            Ronnie scoffed.  “At least you have parents,” he commented bitterly. “My parents didn’t even care enough about me to even try.  They left me on the doorstep of the local homeless shelter and never looked back.  Part of me wants to think that they deserved what they got in the end,” he continued.  Cid could see an uncontrollable anger building in his eyes.

            “Did you guys see the cover story?” Celine earnestly asked, also sensing the growing tension at the table.

            “Nah.  I didn’t see it.  I can’t say I f***ing care either…”  Ronnie muttered as he stood up and left the table, dumping his untouched food into the trash can as he left the cafeteria.

            “Did I say something wrong?” Celine asked.

            “You didn’t.  He’s just sensitive about the parent subject.  He lost both his parents to murder the same night they abandoned him,” Cid replied.

            “Yeah I know, but if they abandoned him, then why does he care so much?” Celine said.

            “They were his parents, Celine.  You can’t expect Ronnie to just dismiss them like that.  I know he just said what he said, but Ronnie is still bitter about their deaths,” Cid said.

            “Do you think he’s convinced himself that they were trying to protect him?”  Celine asked.

            “I don’t know what he’s thinking, to be honest.  All I know is, despite my less than perfect relationship with my parents, I’d still be crushed if they died,” Cid answered.

            “Yeah I understand.  It’d be the same way if I lost mine.  I think I want to go talk to him,” Celine said.  And with that, she got up from the table and left out the door in pursuit of Ronnie.

            Cid found himself completely alone at a table for six… “Great, now both of my friends are gone,” Cid said with a sarcastic chuckle.  He noticed that Celine left her newspaper behind.  Cid picked it up and read the first two paragraphs of the cover story.

Man or Menace?  The “Evolution” of Mankind

            Mankind has historically found an astute minority of its population to be deemed “different” from the rest.  Legends tell of superhumans that carried the power of gods.  Whether it was Samson of the Bible or Achilles of Greek Mythology, mankind has always known of a select few to possess extraordinary powers.

            However, on November 25thof the year 2000, the health and science communities documented the first evidence of a “superhuman”.  Little is known about this discovery, other than the fact that the project was codenamed “Lucy”.  Now, on the 14thanniversary of the event, we reflect over the current state of affairs in our world, the “Paranormal Epidemic”.


            Cid put the newspaper down and finished his lunch.


            After a lackluster final period in school, Cid returned to his house.  As he entered his house, he noticed that both his parents were sitting at the table.  They had been waiting for him.

            Cid could only stare with a blank expression at his parents’ solemn expressions.

            Mr. Rogers motioned for Cid to take a seat at the seat.  At that point Cid knew that something was wrong, he slowly walked over to the table before taking his seat. 

            Mrs. Rogers cleared her throat and broke the silence. “Cideion, we have some news for you… I don’t know if you already know this or not, but there has been an accident at my job,” she stated.

            “What kind of accident?” Cid asked uneasily.

            Sensing his son’s uneasiness, Mr. Rogers nudged Mrs. Rogers.

            Mrs. Roger’s shot her husband a worried glance.

            Mr. Rogers shook his head, “He deserves to know, Arlena,” he stated.

            “I deserve to know… what?” Cid asked as the tension in the room began to build.

            Mr. Rogers stared straight into his son’s worried eyes. “Cid, my son, I’m afraid that we haven’t been completely honest with you these past couple of years…” he stated…





The End

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