Waking Up

The last Elli remembered after coming up for air, was a cool breeze on her face, and the dim shadowy flickers that seemed to hover overhead.  Elli felt stiff, but she could at least move her head to see her predicament.  She was in a boat.  Somehow, exhausted as her body and mind were, she hadn't noticed the subtle rocking motion, the incessant dampness, nor the boy sitting over her.  He crouched there, staring at her intently.  At one point in the timeless hours that Elli lay there, she wondered if he also, was but a figment of her clouded mind. He was most certainly not, as Elli soon discovered when a horrid plate, smelling of fish and salt, was thrust into her face; it was a poor attempt to offer some kindness.   Soon after, the boy began to ask her questions.  Where are you from? What is your name? And so on until Elli grew weary and slightly confused.  There was this light, a golden light, flickering in the back of her mind.  It was telling her to answer.  One simple command that faintly came to her consciousness, ready to surface.  She could almost comprehend it, it was so close.  But then, it was pulled back again, into the shadowy abyss that clouded her mind.  So she sat, unable to yet break free from the invisible chains.  He must think me stupid, Elli thought desperately.  Even though she wanted to tell this boy everything, there was really nothing much to say.  Elli had no idea how she had gotten into this boat, or where she had come from.  It was all rather dreamlike; it stayed with her, close enough to feel it, but too real to know what it was.  Her story, her past, was a locked mystery for now.   When the small paddling boat made it to shore, Elli felt the first shock of real cold.  Forced to uncurl herself from her position, the breeze from the inland quickly whisked away any body heat she might've had, leaving her shivering in want.  Soon enough however, an older man came to help the boy pull the boat in.  He stopped in mid motion when he saw Elli.  Murmuring a few words to the older man, whom Elli guessed to be the boy's father, the two left the paddling boat where it was and started up the shoreline, beckoning for Elli to follow. The only problem, was that she had the slight dilemma of letting them, and herself know that she could walk.  Well, she could walk, Elli supplied herself with some encouragement, but she couldn't do it well.  In an awkward moment, realizing that Elli was limping far behind them with great difficulty, the boy and his father hurried back to try and help.  Working out a solution of sorts, Elli conceded to being carried by the older man, the rest of the way. Before long, exhaustion overcame her and the next thing Elli knew, she was in a bed, the morning light streaming in and warming the air.
The End

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