The girl came out of nowhere, well, okay, thats not exactly true, she came from under the water, but there had been no disappearances or anything in this neighborhood to explain what she was doing under the water.

Jake had found her, he'd been in his boat, paddling, not fishing since that wasnt allowed in the lake. He'd pulled her out of the water. She still hadnt spoken a single word, just sat there, shivering. She seemed, lost, somehow, she flinched when anyone touched her. Jake stayed by her side, talking to her in a low voice.

"Its alright." He said. "Your safe now. What's your name?" She didnt, or couldnt respond yet. Maybe she didnt know, she still wouldnt warm up, though it had been hours. This mysterious girl, who came out of the lake, no one knew who she was, or how she'd come to be there, or how long she'd been there.

The End

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