The cold, stiff resemblance of a tongue once heated and moving, lashing out in every direction as it grows still and silent. Still and silent, free floating somewhere as a hush of air floats midst the forest.Where am I going, where am I going? asked Elli. her voice seemed to come back to her from some far off distance that she could not place. She couldn’t even place herself,where am I? Light filtered through the spring-like canopy of trees, casting soft golden green down upon her body which lay as if she were sleeping, in a dream;am I in a dream? The wind blows and the light moves over her in waves;am I swimming in the sea? Then she notices that she is not alone, not in the least. There are others, laying in similar positions all about her, as if they were floating above the ground and swimming through the air, under the canopy. They are going somewhere. Smiles flicker across their faces with each passing wave of golden light.

     A sharp pain caresses Elli's back, and forearms,What is happening? Suddenly the light disappears and screams echo across the air.I need to get out of this--but she is not allowed to finish. Each scream, each broken screech strangles the other and her voice,is it her voice? Numbed to point where pain feels like a mother's touch, Elli tried to move. Her eyelids moved and her lips twitched. Then with a violent gasping of air, Elli's lungs filled with air as she broke the surface of the lake.

The End

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