I won't run.

In his eyes I am everything. A pretty princess trapped in her tower, with a soft voice and a white feathered gown. A second mother who loves him and listens to him, but I understand. That and I can wear scarlet that he can smear off my lips.

But I am nothing.

In my eyes, he is a man trapped in the conformity of society. A man in a suit with ice cold lining. A father with his rationality, lead me away from my feminine disposition. He wears a rough belt I unhook and he ties me with.

But he is nothing.

I call him a faithless man, "I hate you!", a dick, a deceiver for leaving me.

And secretly, he calls me an adultress, a devil, a witch, a whore, a woman.

All other words for nothing, nothing which we really were. Nothing. We were just fantasies for an overbearing reality.

Breaking up is realizing you gave everything for nothing.

The End

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