I wonder if there are aliens?

I wonder if there are Aliens by GJL                                       

Exactly 1000 words



‘I wonder if there are aliens’ thought Garry as he gazed dreamingly at the black atmosphere dotted with specks of shiny silver.

‘Hmmm’ hummed Harry, lying next to his best friend Garry in the middle of the deserted park. ‘I mean there could be a world out there just like Ours, couldn’t there?’

‘What do you mean?’ enquired Garry.

‘I mean’ said Harry ‘that millions of light-years away there could be a planet just like Ours’.

‘I guess so’ reflected Garry. ‘But Ours is so unique that even if we did unearth a planet just like Ours, it would take us so long to get there we wouldn’t be able to make it back’.

‘Imagine if we were stuck on that planet and there were wars and poverty and evil’ said Harry. ‘Imagine if Aliens there looked different to us and didn’t accept us for whom we truly are; only basing their hate on our appearance. Imagine if the Aliens there only cared about money and not about their beautiful planet’s nature. Imagine if there was crime and misuse of dangerous substances. Imagine the ruin that planet would be in’.

‘I can’t imagine a planet so like Ours would be as bad as that’ laughed Garry. ‘I mean how can you even imagine such evil occurring on one planet we haven’t even found yet?’

‘Yeah I guess you’re right’ admitted Harry. ‘I mean for all we know this planet could hold the nicest, most friendly Aliens in the Universe. It could be home to the finest and most beautiful nature in the world with plentiful supplies of water, the highest mountains and a perfect temperature to boot’. 

‘There could be wonderful countries, fascinating cities and modern technology even we on Ours haven’t heard of yet’ added Garry. ‘They might even know we are here. How scary is that?’

‘Or we might know where they are?’ hinted Harry.

‘What are you on about?’ quizzed Garry.

‘Well did you watch the news last night, Harry?’

No, of course I didn’t. Ours is so peaceful that there are no interesting news stories about wars or poverty. There isn’t even a half decent political debate because the politicians all get along with each other’.

‘Well’ said Harry dramatically. ‘I heard that the Space boffins at the government have found the very planet we have been talking about tonight. Do you remember that rocket they sent into space ages ago? Well apparently that rocket has landed on a new planet just outside our Solar System’.

‘Really?’ gasped Garry, astonished by the thought of his wildest dreams materialising in front of him. ‘What did it look like? Were there Aliens on this planet?’

‘Well’ said Harry, a slight grin crept across his face. ‘I can show you. Fetch me my new laptop I won in that competition and we can log onto Ourtube and watch the news from last night on there’.

‘Great idea Harry. I wonder what they found on that planet? Aliens with seventeen legs and tentacles or robots with zappers attached. They might even have found Aliens that look like us and a world that is like Ours with peace and tranquility’.

‘I think you’re in for a shock if that’s what you think. They look like us and their planet is similar to Ours, but they couldn’t be more different’ replied Harry, sighing as he pressed play on the screen and widened the video to full screen.


‘Good evening and welcome to the 10 o’clock news with Jim Hughes and Melanie Skinner. Our main news tonight is that astrologers have found life on a planet outside our own solar system. The Endeavour spaceship 222 which was launched 10 years ago in the hope of finding life similar to Ours has landed on a rather small yet beautiful planet that holds the right temperatures and atmosphere for us to survive on. Our international correspondents, Peter Hughes and firstly Ian Murphy report live from the surface of this new planet.

‘This is the greatest discovery Our people have ever made. There have been many rumours and expectations of what a planet like Ours would be like and now, for the first time I can tell because today the Endeavour spaceship touched down in Alien civilisation.

Firstly this planet holds the most beautiful sights- more beautiful than you can imagine. There are rivers, oceans, mountains, hills, deserts and forest all over this fascinating planet. What’s more there are massive cities, intriguing towns and picturesque villages in which the Aliens reside. And of those Aliens? Well I can report, and you can see from the pictures that they are much like us in appearance. Same facial features, same height, same amount of limbs and even the same colours of skin. However what I see here is not what a beautiful planet should show. We visited areas away from these cities and the contrast is shocking. Unlike Ours, there is poverty and war and evil. In the hottest and driest, most desolate and lonely places we found thousands, maybe millions of Aliens with no food, no water and even no family. As shocking as this is, it is also very true and it saddens me to report that this most beautiful of planets has so many problems with the people who were chosen to look after it. Over to Peter Hughes who has been studying the Aliens in our short time here’.

The picture cut to Peter Hughes standing in field with the most majestic mountains as a background and the evening sunlight drenching the dry field of the long, wild grass behind him. He was crying. All around him stood children. Children with rags for clothes, flys buzzing round their face and sticks for arms and legs.

‘Peter?’ The picture cut back to the polished, snugly warm studio where the two presenters sat both in amazement and shock. ‘Ok that was Ian Murphy and Peter Hughes reporting on the discovery of a new planet, Planet Earth’.     

The End

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