I wonder

I look closely at the small print written on the spine of this book. Most of the books here are old and have such small print, which is really annoying because this is the most unwell lit library in the world. Well I'm assuming it is.

"Ha!..Oh, sorry bout that, so as I was saying.." Molly Edwards a girl who was younger than I, bumped into me while I was looking for the book I wanted. She looked at me with a bored expression while she apologized and resumed giggling with some other girl I don't know trailing behind her.

I sighed. This is the library for goodness' sake. This is not the place where you gossip.

Oh wait, did I forget to mention that Molly lives and breathes gossip and she doesn't care if it ruins people's lives.

I feel sorry for that girl following her. She just wants to be accepted in society and being able to have the attention of Molly, being a person she tells gossip to, is close enough for her.

I turn my attention back to the book shelf, I glance at all of the spines until. "Yes!" I whisper to myself. I finally found a copy of Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter. I have a book report in english class and I thought this will be a perfect book to do my report on.

I immediatley walk toward the front desk. I check the book out, put it in my bag and headed to my next class, which won't start for another 10 minutes.

I slow down my pace and look at every face that passes me by. These are the people I go to school with. I look at each of their faces, as a thought pops into my head. She blamed her for this.... He broke someone's heart.... She got her heart broken..... She's trying too hard to be noticed..... etcetera etcetera. I don't really want to think like this, and I sometimes hate how much I know a lot about these people who don't even know me personally.

I should really stop thinking like this, I am fighting for equality in this school and I am against being judgemental and various forms of discrimination. My mind just won't shut up, it knows too much.
There's a question at the back of my mind though, and it's been nagging me for a while now.

If I look at the faces of these people and thoughts like these pop into my head, I wonder if any of them look at me the same way. If they know things about me just like how I know things about them. I wonder if their minds won't shut up either or if they use what they know for evil purposes. I wonder.

The End

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