Danny Knows...

MacDoozle walked back towards Oldetower, who seemed extremely annoyed.

"Sir, is there anyone left?" MacDoozle prayed the answer was no.

"Yes, over there. You can handle him right?" Oldetower kept walking, towards his car.

"Where are you going?" MacDoozle called after him.

"Coffee run." The detective thew the car into drive, and was soon out of view.

Detective MacDoozle dragged himself over to the witness that was previously pointed out. He threw himself in a chair and grabbed a napkin from his pocket. He had run out of paper, since that one odd woman stole his notepad.

"Sir, your Name.

"Mr.Patrick." The man looked confident, and most importantly he didn't look like a Loony-bird.

"Sir, did you see anything to day?"

"Danny did." The man nodded.

"Who is Danny, Mr. Patrick?"

Danny is Danny. Who else would Danny be?" Mr. Patrick laughed and patted the detective on his shoulder. "Danny thinks you are hilarous!"

"Sir, let's get back to what you saw." MacDoozle grumbled, wondering why he ever got a job in this hodge-podge town.

"Danny saw a whole bunch! Danny saw this man, he had these glasses. Oh! Danny thinks he had facial hair too!" Mr. Patrick recalled, looking to see if his response was satisfactory.

"Mr. Patrick, I need to know who this Danny is. He seems to know alot about the crime. Can you point me in the right direction?"

Mr. Patrick stared at the Detective in utter confusement.

"Danny knows what he saw, Danny knows he saw it as well. If you don't belive Dannny, then Danny will leave right now!"

MacDoozle looked around him, trying to find the mysterious "Danny".

"Sir, one last time. What did you see? Not what Danny saw, what you saw."

"Danny saw what Danny saw! I told you what Danny saw!" Mr. Patrick suddenly stood up from his chair, his patience running thin. "Danny is about to strangle a young detective, and Danny won't hold back!"

MacDoozle placed his hand on his gun, and frantically looked for the Danny, who was about to strangle him.

"Danny is done. Danny is leaving." Mr. Patrick stomped away from MacDoozle, leaving a very flustered and confuzed Detective behind him.

The End

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