Vladimir Lenin

MacDoozle rubbed his eyes as he tried to recollect the events of this stranger-by-the-minute day, and two mentionings of it being a movie?! Thought I'd been at police academy for the last few months, not acting, he thought to himself.

"WAKE UP." startled, MacDoozle looked up to observe what seemed to be a middle-aged man who had just been working on a railway staring down at him. "I'm here for the interview..?"

"Oh, yes of course. What's your name sir?"

"Vladimir Lenin. Well that's what they call me." he stated proudly as he tucked his hands into the pockets of his grey suit.

"Is that so?" sarcastically, MacDoozle had had enough of the odd characters, he was ready to fry himself on the barbie for all he cared. But he knew well enough to stay on task and wrote the name on what were the remains of his notepad.

"Exuse me?" he looked appalled. "Didn't your folks teach you to respect your elders young lad?"

To his surprise, MacDoozle found this quite funny but played along."I'm sorry sir. Can you tell me if you witnessed the robbery?"

"Witnessed? Ha, I made the order!" this confused MacDoozle, not again he thought.

"What order?" curiosly scribbling the man's words.

"The robbery of course. Silly bankers don't know what they're causing, the wealth of the nation must be shared!" Right, MacDoozle thought to himself.

But still playing along, "So what was the plan of action?"

"Easy, just run in with a bunch of weapons, machinery, whatever you want to call it and shoot the goddam bank tellers. They never listen, so might as well."

"Uh huh," MacDoozle didn't know what to say, this guy is obviously not who he claims to be, he's not even bald! This Lenin fanatic is way too limpy to organise a robbery let alone pose as his ermm role model. 

"Of course we could've gotten the Cheka to arrest them but we wanted to be quick, we were starving and the army boys were still waiting for equipment..." This is obviously getting nowhere, MacDozzle thought to himself.

"I think that's enough for now, thank you sir. You can leave your details with the officer at the door."

"Oh I'll leave me details alright." MacDoozle noticed him slowly pulling out what may be a gun from his pocket.

Nervous, he tried to remember what he'd been taught on how to deal with such situations, "Put your hands up!" he could feel his voice trembling.

"Why should I? And what are you shaking about, got the shivers have we?" the guy said almost teasingly.

"Because I'm a police officer and you have a weapon, which gives me the right to arrest you." ignoring the joke.

The guy who called himself Lenin burst out laughing, "What weapon officer?" pulling out a half melted bar of chocolate.

Embarrased, MacDoozle felt as if he was going to faint. "Well that's enough, you may leave the building."

A chocolate bar! How stupid could you get MacDoozle?! He thought about how he could've snatched it off the guy and eaten it there and then just to wipe the smile off his face whilst giving him the energy to punch him in the face. God, what a day it's been. Lifting his wrist to observe the time, it was only 10.56am the day wasn't even half over...and he wanted to ask Oldetower when lunch was served.

The End

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