First 48

MacDoozle sighed. He'd already interviewed several witnesses none of which a had been any help what so ever. MacDoozle stood up and once again surveyed the crowd praying for an accurate witness or at least one that he could comprehend.
Something shiny caught his eye. It was what appeared to be a pocket watch. A stout older man sporting small round glasses placed it in his breast pocket and looked around nervously. MacDoozle caught his eye for a second when the man developed a sudden interest in his shoes. The man looked up slowly and when he saw MacDoozle still watching he made his way over. He tentatively sat in the armchair as though he thought it would swallow him whole.

The man jumped and raised his hands halfway to his shoulders while taking a deep calming breath. He pushed up his glasses with one finger while fishing out his pocket watch.
"Erm.. Ernie."
"Last name?"
"Stout." The man glanced at his watch, looked around nervously and replace it in his pocket.

"You were here at the time of the robbery?"
"Erm.. Yes, Twelve thirty on the button."
MacDoozle scribbled the time down on his pad.
"Did you get a look at the robber Mr. Stout?"

The odd little man jumped and repeated the same motion as before. Mr. Stout reached for his watch again.

"Are you expected somewhere?"
"Erm.. yes. Erm.. No."
"Well which is it?"
"He had on a rolex."
"You asked what the robber looked like. He was wearing a rolex mens oyster pereptual datejust watch with an elegant deep red diamond dial and fluted bezel with very high quality diamonds." said the man with his eyes shut as he figetted for his pocket watch.

MacDoozle reached out and touched his hand."
"Anything else?"

The man froze, opened his eyes and thought for a moment.
"I think he was short and had a long fake beard."
When the officer removed his hand Mr. Stout removed his pocket watch and checked it once more although not thirty seconds had pasted since his previous gesture. In fact, the pocket watch was stopped noted the constable.

MacDoozle sighed.
"Leave your personal information with the officer at the door."
The little man glanced up but caught himself before his gaze met MacDoozles.

The End

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