After cleaning up the mess from the last witness, literally and figuratively, Oldetower was not in the mood to interview another witness. Of course, he couldn't trust his 'partner' to do it by himself either, if only because MacDoozle was the one actually cleaning up the mess, and was still wearing a pair of yellow rubber gloves and using a sponge to scrub the surface of the table the facial tissue had been plopped soggily upon. Hard to interview someone in that get up.

So Oldetower resigned himself to doing the interviewing after all, and he surveyed the crowd intently, looking for the ideal interviewee.

"Oh! Oh! Pick me! Interview me next!"

There was a man, Oldetower deducted, somewhere in that crowd who would probably like to be the next person in line. Giving another careful look across the crowd, he spotted a hand floating about the shoulders of a particularly tall man, and his investigative skills told him that the way which it was waving around meant it was trying to get his attention.

"You there, behind Colossus," Oldetower hollered gruffly, and the hand dropped, only to reappear again soon after, attached to the arm of a man pushing his way through the crowd to get to Oldetower.

"Hello sir! I know you have work to do, but could I please get your autograph first?" the little man asked eagerly.

"Of course," Oldetower said, and though he did so with suspicion, he began signing a sheet from his notepad anyway. He was never one to turn down adoring fans, he just didn't know he had any.

The man took the page once Oldetower had finished and stared at it curiously. "Detective Oldetower? That's not your name. Are we still rolling? No... then you'd be using your character's name..."

"Excuse me? Still rolling?"

"Yes! Where on Earth has the director disappeared to, anyway? He must be on break. I'd imagine it's quite exhausting playing the bank robber and directing at the same time."

"Director?" Oldetower inquisitively inquired. He was very happy this not-very-wordy approach on his side was getting him answers. Much easier on him.

"Yes, of course! He came in here not too long ago, asking if we'd all like to be extras, and who was I to refuse! Are you sure your name is Oldetower? You like a lot like Detective Stank."

"You mean from Law and Odour?"

"Of course! That's what they're filming, isn't it?"

"So are you trying to tell me," Oldetower said, leaning closer, his chins jiggling with something akin to excitement, "that a man came in here, claiming to be the director of the popular and long running crime TV series Law and Odour, told you all you could be extras for the bank robbery scene, and then took off with the money, having played the character of the robber himself?"

"Well... yeah?" said the man, who appeared to be not quite 100% behind this theory. Perhaps because he was shaking his head no at the same time.

"...That's brilliant," Oldetower muttered to himself. "You're free to go!" he yelled, leaving the area to go find MacDoozle and tell him the good news.

The crime TV fanboy looked momentarily confused until he spotted a coat rack nearby. "Oh! There you are, sir! There's a nut running around in here, claiming you robbed the bank! He must be delusional or something. Does look a lot like Detective Stank, though..."

The End

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