Witness The Guru


Macdoozle groaned and held his head in his hands. Either no one had seen the robbery, or there had been three different robberies! This was getting too confusing. He sighed, and decided to choose an older, more mature man to interview.

As he looked out over the crowd he noticed a very old looking man with a long white beard and a huge cane. He waved him in. He waved again. Still the old man didn't see his gestures. It was at this point he realised that a short-sighted octogenarian probably would not provide any good evidence. But then again, according to Oldetower even a young child had been useful in an investigation. He pulled himself together and walked across the room to take the old man by the arm and guide him into the interrogation room.

Slowly, painful the old man lowered himself into the chair. Macdoozle pulled out his notebook for the fourth time and prepared to take down what the old man said.

“Could I have your name please?” he asked. There was no response. So he asked again, a little louder “Could I have your name please!?!”

A squint creased his wizened face, and he cupped his hand to his ear. “Huh? Didn't quite catch that.”


“My name? Well, let's see. I think I was called Harry or something yesterday, the day before I think I was John.” He paused.

Macdoozle shook his head.“NO, WHATS YOUR REAL NAME?”

“You don't have to shout, I can hear you just fine! My real name,” He paused to think again. “Someone called me something interesting today, but I don't quite remember it exactly. Hmm. Oh yeah the pink lady selling the daisies on the street corner called my The Guru as I passed her this morning. I think she may have wanted me to buy some, I have no idea whatever I would use them for. Pink daisies..." he trailed off. "What were we talking about? Oh yes, my name. From now on I will be called the Guru. A very nice name I think. The Guru.” He nodded, satisfied.

Macdoozle's eyes had been expanding over his writing pad. Then he shook his head again, as if to shrink his eyes back to their normal size, and wrote down carefully “The Guru.”

“Well, Mr. Guru, can you tell me what you saw today?”

“Huh? Speak up a bit!”

“What did I see today? Well, today I saw an old lady selling flowers, and a...”

“DID YOU SEE THE ROBBERY TODAY?”Macdoozle interrupted quickly.

“Oh the robbery. Yes, there was a very tall man with fuzzy brown hair, I think,” he said slowly, “And he came in the left door and started yelling “Give me money.” or something like that. He approached the tellers and started harassing one of them. Just like a vulture that flies down and attacks a poor little lamb... yep, just like it. But this time the lamb won! Oh yes, the lamb won. She wouldn't give him the money and he just kept yelling at her and she just kept refusing. Finally he got mad and tried to punch her but she ducked and there was a huge kerfluffle and lots of noise. There were lots of people involved, about 20. I think all of the tellers were there punching each other out, and I know some people from the crowd got involved. Isn't it wonderful how people protect each other? We all need to look after each other, yes we do, or the whole thing would fall apart. The whole thing!”

“SO HOW DID HE GET THE MONEY?” Asked Macdoozle before things got too far off track.

“The money... Oh I think he most have had an accomplice, who pretended to be good but really was bad. Snuck in there and stole it when they were all distracted with the fight. Yep, thats for sure!”

Macdoozle had been writing furiously. Finally here was some good, untainted evidence. “THANK YOU VERY MUCH. YOU MAY GO NOW.”

The Guru pulled himself slowly out of the chair. He seemed to hesitate for a moment, then he turned to Macdoozle. “Could you show me out? I'm, I'm sorry, I'm blind as a bat.”

Macdoozle looked up, surprised. Then he sighed, crumpled up his notes, and gave the old man his arm He had known it had been too good to be true.

The End

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