I, without wings underneath the sky

Jenna is n angel, one fateful day her camp is selected to catch a escaped reincarnie from hell. Her wings are removed, so is her personal identity.

I, without wings underneath the sky

Chapter One

Zeus's Fire

“Hey! Jenna guess what?” asks Jenna’s best friend, Annie.

“We‘re going to Earth! I can‘t believe it! I always wanted to go!”

“You know when you say guess what you are supposed to let the person guess before you answer, any way why is this exciting? And why would you want to go to earth, this is heaven. Literally! And earth isn’t per-” Jenna is cut off.

“But its earth come, on!”

“But its earth come, on!” Mimics Jenna “And we have wings and a halo, you can’t exactly hide these with a coat and hat, can you?”

“We could use mist”

“Some people can see through mist!” Jenna snaps.

“Well to bad” Annie says in a sing-song voice “the whole Omega camp has to go! So get packing”

Jenna thought of the fluffy clouds being replaced by urban dwellings, the serene blue sky being replaced with industrial grey clouds, and the halos and wings being replaced with trench coats and trilby hats. A well manicured hand waves in front of my face, tearing me from my daze.

“Earth to Jenna, earth to Jenna.”


“You totally zoned out on me, am I really that boring when I speak?.” She continues “Anyway the train is leaving in…” She looks at her watch “One Hour.”

“Oh great, come help me pack then.”

“I already packed for you, the bags are already loaded in the train.”

“Thank you?”

“Come on then, we have to go the briefing.”

“What briefing? I thought it was a field trip.”

“Nope, we have to dogood deeds.”

“Like what?”

“You know, like ummm, helping an old lady cross the road, giving a homeless person change.”

“Really? for two and a half weeks?”

“Well that’s what camp Epsilon said anyway.”

“Oh fine then, lets go to the square.”

The square is packed with eager and anxious fellow angels waiting for the train to arrive. The loud and chatty atmosphere is soon broken when a largely built angel from Camp Alpha walks onto the raised stage.

“Fellow angels! You all know where you are going, but you don’t know why. Do you?”

The whole camp murmurs no in reply.

“You are not going to earth to do good deeds! You are here to catch a reincarnie from hell, this task has been set to you by Lucifer himself! You are to track him down and bring him back alive! Do what you will, but do not form alliances with mudanes and for gods sake, do not tell anyone what you are. You are not immortal and anyone can kill you. Any questions” His eyes are stern, he is not joking, he means every word.

One angel raises her hand


“Who are we looking for? What does he look like? What did he do?”

“The name of the reincarnie is unknown, so is the appearance, in order to spot him you must be extremely vigilant, but his familiar is a blue raven. And what he did? He stole Zeus’s fire.”

Jenna and Annie exchange glances.

“Zeus’s fire? What’s that?”

“Zeus‘s fire is the center of heaven and hells power, without it hell will be useless and heaven will fall apart as we know it.”

“Now, in order to go to earth without being noticed, mist will be to weak to use, so I must temporally remove your wings.”

A hushed whisper falls over the once energetic crowd.

“Remove our wings?”

“Angels without wings, that’s mutilation!”

“Never mind that, we’re chasing a reincarnie!”

“Oh my god I feel faint.”

“I feel ill, remove my wings? They can’t do that, can they?”

“Silence!” The alpha angel yells. “You, without wings underneath the skies.”

The End

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