There is a Change in the Air

I rubbed my belly, the thought of it made me feel so bubbly, so silly.  The chiming of the clock caught my attention.  Ooh 4pm, I'd been so busy thinking of how to tell him, I'd almost forgotten dinner.  I wondered where Cherry was, she was supposed to help me.  I think she had been happier than me.  The only thing that marred my big surprise, my mom not being here to share it with me.  So glad I had Cherry, I wouldn't know what to do by myself. 

By 6pm, the spaghetti and garlic bread was done, he should be here any moment.  I don't know what had happened to Cherry, she hadn't called, she wasn't home.

I would scold her when I saw her (smile), right now, shower time!

I was getting out of the shower when I heard the door open,  the stairs creaked, he was coming up.  I smiled...

"What's wrong, why do you have that, what's wrong!" 

I don't know if anyone heard my screams.

The End

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