I Wish You Love and Happiness

Don't think I've ever been so happy in my life. I mean, I am a plain Jane maybe even plainer than that but look at me now, married to a beautiful man, a nice house, he takes care of me.. and I love him..

You know, I have often asked myself how it happened but, like Cherry said.. "there is someone for everyone." I believe that now but, it still pops into my mind.  Over the past year, sometimes at night while he is sleeping, I pray, I pray hard that God watch over him, and not let anything happen to him, and I cry, silently.. cause I wouldn't know what to do..

I have a surprise for him, something he doesn't know but, I know he is going to be ecstatic.  My parents died when I was 17.  I lived with my cousin Cherry and my aunt Rosa.  My uncle Martin was made executor of my parents estate, which included an inheritance for me. Tomorrow is my 25th birthday...

I will inherit 25 million dollars... Life was too good.. I laughed and twirled around in the middle of the room...

The End

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