I wish I'd never met you

A collab to vent your feelings on certain unsavory characters you may or may not have met in real life (don't worry, I can keep a secret...)

I've worked all through the night on this. An outline sprang forth first, then a draft, then another. In my hands is the only final- a proposal for the class's model congress to ratify. My commitee has seen it; the vote for  was unanimous. The idea is flawless. It will be passed. And yet, here stands a "friend"- a grade- obsessive, neurotic, and racist fool too vain to see how good I've been to him, even through the worst of times- ready to destroy my hard work and potential.

He's smiling.

Yes, he's smiling as a kind of pants-half-way- down- and- 2- cool- 4- u silence falls on the normally boistrous class. A longing to fit in, I suppose, or some other nonsense, has driven my "friend" up to the front of the classroom for a filibuster of the proposal I wrote. How can I rule a simple dissagreement in policy out?

He's said this same class he agrees with me on the proposal.

He just wants to try to expose a trapped perfectionist as the human I am, all for the laughs everyone knows will follow.

I realize I'm an easy target for his selfish, worldly ambition. What nerd isn't? But it hurts that he's chosen me despite everything. One minute of reading the dictionary (perhaps to taunt me further?) is all it takes, and the fillibuster halts- temporarily. The vote is tallied on a continuation of the fillibuster, and three tables of five vote me down, before I've even explained to the pea- brains what teacher tenure is. 

The class is laughing at me.

One block later, everyone is laughing at me.


The End

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