I Wish I'd Known That Before

I glanced across at him watching his fluid movements, the way his features changed when he smiled, the way his lithe muscles moved under his shirt. I sighed, utter perfection. I was broken from this thought by my friend Emily “What are you thinking?” she enquired trying vainly to fit her homework into her bag without spilling her drink. I didn’t reply, I was too busy staring at the way the light caught his shoulder length brown hair and off the spiked wristband he was wearing. I hadn’t seen him around before; I make a mental note to find out who he is.

Emily eventually gave up and dragged me in to our 5th period English class. Just in time for the teacher walked in seconds later. “Miss Atherstone” he looked at me “the head teacher would like to see you in his office, you are to pick up Mr Daniels on the way there, I believe he is in S12”. I didn’t know who Mr Daniels was but I replied “Yes sir” and collected my things, shooting a confused look at Emily on my way out.

I wandered aimlessly to S12; I wasn’t in a rush to get told off by the head teacher. Once I reached the room I knocked on the door and gingerly entered, looking around for the teacher. I spotted her in the corner talking to a pupil. I walked over and tapped her on the shoulder “Umm” I paused “Mr Edwards would like Mr Daniels to come to his office, I’ve been sent to escort him” The teacher pointed over to the middle table “He is sitting over there, the one with the brown hair”. I thanked her and walked over to the middle table, that was when I noticed who it was, I didn’t know his name before but now I do. I tap him on the shoulder and for the first time since I saw him in the hallway I get a proper look at the new kid. I should have brushed my hair for longer and worn that new jumper my mum got me. Oh how I wish I had known that before!

The End

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