I wish I was velcro


A creative person doesn't look at a safety pin and see what it is or what it is made of

It's what we all need safety, belonging

Something  or someone that is sharp and biting in order to form a bond

Maybe it's only between a bra strap and thinly strapped summer dress

Maybe it was a vulnerabilty untapped and left seeping

A hurt unwilling to bend held tight with metal beams

What you need to be is velcro

The balance of sharp and soft without one getting stabbed

I wish I was velcro

I would know just what to do, what to say

Instead of lingering

backing towards the door

I only know what you need after deep refletion

It's too late then

I wish I was velcro stuck on you

All we would need was each other

But were not

and love is just not enough

The End

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