I Wish

Some days I wish I could take your pain and make it my own. The days that you are on the floor crying because of what had happened within the last reamaining hours of the day. They have broken your heart in a way that I can't put it back together. The pieces lie on the floor and as you start to put it back together, it is never the same as it was before. There is always a little piece that can never be found. That piece that can't be found, they  have taken with them, is a piece of your hope and drive that keeps you going. I fear one day that one of them will take the last piece that you have to give and that you will have a gapping hole for all the pieces that are missing from your pure and beautiful heart. I pray that the next one will not break your heart but will help you to find the missing pieces and make it whole once again.

The End

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